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Review of the Episode "Art Heist" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget: Inspector Gadget Goes to New York City

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What is the Main Plot In Episode #15?

Art Heist is the 15th episode of the cartoon Inspector Gadget and this one follows the decent episode called Amusement Park. However, this next episode has a bit more action and a stealth kind of plot in it as Inspector Gadget is sent to New York City’s Museum of Modern Art because Dr. Claw is planning to steal the art works in that museum and he plans to replace them with fake pieces of art. How Inspector Gadget got here from Metro City viewers of the show really don’t know but nonetheless, this episode is another mission for Inspector Gadget. At first, his niece Penny asks him why Chief Quimby sent him to New York City. Inspector Gadget says to her that he thinks it is because he is going to receive another police award. However, no sooner does the episode begin that Gadget receives that usual phone call from Chief Quimby.

Interesting Observations About the Episode Art Heist

1. Inspector Gadget is asked to come all the way to the Empire State Building where the Chief is hanging from a long pole. This is very surprising because we learned in Episode 13 called Movie Set that Chief Quimby is really scared to death of high places.

2. Inspector Gadget still manages to survive in spite of the fact that he falls all the way to the ground from the top of the Empire State Building after he promises his niece Penny that he would be right back. One thing that surprises me about this episode is the fact that Inspector Gadget actually survives after a fall from such a great height. With this being an animated cartoon, it is not supposed to be realistic. Don Adams just played the role of Inspector Gadget and he played it very well.

Memorable Quotes from the Episode Art Heist

"Wowsers! Some of this sculpture isn't very secure."

Inspector Gadget says this after his pet dog Brain saves him from harm as the statues fall onto the ground and they break.

"Right Chief I'm on my way!"

Inspector Gadget says this as he is falling down off of a high rise building but the way in which he says this is what makes it sound so funny.

The Clever Character in This Episode Is the Gadget Family Pet Dog Brain

The Inspector’s loyal pet dog Brain is denied entry into the museum because as per their regulations there are no dogs allowed entry. In order to bypass the museum’s security guard, Brain dresses up in a suit and tie to make himself look like a human dressed in a business suit. Brain proves to be more than clever because once Dr. Claw sends his two “living statues” after Gadget to try and get rid of him, Brain saves Gadget’s life.

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About the Living Statues

These statues are actually robots that move around and their method of attack is to use their fists to pound their foes. However, before these “statues” can do any harm to Inspector Gadget, Brain releases a rope that brings a chandelier to the ground, wrapping the statues and as the statues fall down, they are destroyed.

Another Example of How Brain Saves Inspector Gadget

The Inspector then wanders around the floors thinking that there are agents disguised as art treasures while two agents of Dr. Claw begin to switch the real artwork and replace them with fake representations. It is Penny that discovers their plot but she is captured and put into an ice sculpture after she notifies Brain to bring her uncle down to the basement. Brain disguises himself as a piece of artwork and manages to somehow “convince” the Inspector that he looks suspicious. As Gadget is given a pink colored ball by two agents of Dr. Claw, Dr. Claw presses a button that makes the ball glow and it becomes very hot. However, the ball is in Brain’s hands and the ball is so hot that even Brain cannot hold onto it for long and the glowing ball falls into a fountain that has no water in it.

Gadget does not even have to be convinced that Brain is suspicious because in the series, unless Brain isn’t dressed, Gadget will suspect him to be the bad guy which always shows the Inspector’s clueless nature in the series.

Analysis and Final Thoughts About the Episode Art Heist

Once the Inspector finds those two agents of Dr. Claw, these two agents convince him that they are secret police so Gadget is fooled and he helps them with their plan. He follows them with his Gadget mobile to the Statue of Liberty thinking that he forgot to return an important piece of artwork. But once those agents realize that they are being followed, they use an oil slick to try and subdue Inspector Gadget. The Gadget mobile swerves around wildly as the car crashes into a flower shop but Inspector Gadget makes it all the way to the meeting point and bumps into the Statue of Liberty. He tries to use his umbrella to slowly float down to the ground but the umbrella folds as Gadget inadvertently ends up capturing those two agents as Penny is rescued. Art Heist is an episode that sees Inspector Gadget somehow act like Superman in the sense that he is able to traverse long blocks of New York City using his Gadget copter and he even survives a long fall and he also survives as the agents of Dr. Claw cut the elevator cables. Inspector Gadget, you are a real hero in this episode!

Final Rating for the episode Art Heist: 85 out of 100 points

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