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Review of the Cartoon Episode "the Capeman Cometh" in Inspector Gadget

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The Character Known as Corporal Capeman First Makes An Appearance in This Episode

Original airing date: October 5, 1985

This is the episode that marks the debut of the character known as Corporal Capeman. We have discussed previously that this man thinks that he has the magical powers of flying but the way that he acts and behaves makes him behave like a total dunce.

What Is the Main Objective for Inspector Gadget in This 4th Episode of the Second Season of the Cartoon?

Inspector Gadget is assigned the mission of protecting the gold at a national reserve before it gets stolen. Unfortunately, before the Inspector could arrive at the vault in time, agents of Dr. Claw and a ninja manage to steal the gold (temporarily) and they manage to trap the Inspector inside of a dark vault with the purpose of trying to destroy him.

It seems that Corporal Capeman has this sort of fascination with our loveable bionic police inspector. He may be loveable but once again, the Inspector kind of shows his incompetence by assuming that everything is okay when he arrives at the large building known as the mint. When he is trapped inside of the large vault room, he assumes that there is a power failure and that there is a clock inside that doesn’t even tell the correct time! He does not realize that the clock is actually a device that has been set up to destroy him. However, the Inspector is able to defuse the device before it can be set off.

An Interesting Plot Twist for "The Capeman Cometh"

This episode though has a sort of interesting plot twist to it. It is interesting in the sense that there are two instances in which Chief Quimby shows up to make an arrest. The first instance is when the Chief is notified after agents of Dr. Claw have trapped Inspector Gadget inside of the vault. Penny is notified by the Gadget family dog Brain that her uncle is trapped. Penny then notifies the Chief as usual and police officers in Metro City are able to arrest all of the agents other than the ninja who disappears and he is able to escape. The second instance of Chief Quimby showing up to make an arrest is after the scene when the ninja is at the Gadget family home trying to destroy Inspector Gadget. Brain at midnight tries to wake Penny up but Penny hears her uncle talking to himself and she just goes back to sleep. Brain is the first one to notice that the ninja is going after Inspector Gadget and he tries to stop him. Brain then later goes into the Inspector’s room attempting to wake him up. Then after that unsuccessful attempt, he takes the time of the alarm and changes it all the way to 6AM. The alarm is triggered and there is a voice that begins to say “Good morning Inspector Gadget.” A button is then pressed thus throwing the Inspector out of bed. The Inspector then says that he has to go to bed earlier because he is still sleepy. Penny wakes up and wonders what is going on. Brain is finally able to convince Inspector Gadget and Penny that there is indeed a burglar in the home that tried to get the Inspector. Inspector Gadget wonders how anyone could have gotten into the house because the house has such a strong security system. Or does it?

Final Thoughts About This First Episode With the New Character

After the ninja is discovered the Chief congratulates his top agent and tells him that he could not have picked a braver man to be his assistant. The Inspector asks Capeman how he was able to solve the last part of the case and Capeman says that when the ninja saw him, he lost his spirit. Overall, this 4th episode in the second season of Inspector Gadget is still very memorable even with the character Corporal Capeman in it. This is because of the last section of the episode that has suspense in it. The creators of the show found a way this time to really make things interesting without rehashing the same kind of general plot ideas that these episodes have.

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