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Review of the Album "the Sign of Darkness" by Apostasy

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Chile's Apostasy is a Band With Many Different Influences

Apostasy is a thrash metal band from Chile that began back in 1987 but they were inactive from 1993 through 2013 before reforming in 2013. After hearing about a Chilean thrash metal band on the New Wave of Old School Thrash Metal YouTube channel, curiosity got the better of me. Chile is a country that isn’t quite popular yet for thrash metal but it should slowly make ways to get on the radar for thrash metal. Apostasy’s 2018 studio album called The Sign of Darkness is a very good 1980s influenced thrash metal album that sounds a lot like Mercyful Fate only these guys are better! This statement will no doubt be criticized by many who may say that “how can you compare these guys to a well-established band such as Mercyful Fate?” While these concerns are legitimate Chile’s Apostasy show that they can play 1980s style thrash metal and make it sound good in 2018. 2018 was only three years ago but this is one heck of a way to make your return after such a long time of not recording any music.

Why the Album's Title is Appropriate

The Sign of Darkness is an album that definitely lives up to its title because starting off this album is the dark, haunting, and short song called “Praise of Darkness” which is labeled as an intro kind of song. “Virgin Sacrifice” is the song after the intro that sounds a lot like Finland’s Impaled Nazarene and that way that you can tell is in the style of the drumming. There is an instrumental song on this album called “The Great Damnation” which stylistically sounds like an intro written by the band Holy Moses back in 2002. This one though is a song in which the structure repeats but it still sounds good.

More Analysis of the Musical Style of Apostasy

So therefore it is reasonable to conclude that Chile’s Apostasy has a mishmash of influences and this also includes Kreator before the year 1990. The vocals are also sort of like that of the band Rotting Christ though they are not quite death metal style. The vocals are fast and sometimes kind of dark in a sense so that the music gives off that exotic kind of “evil” atmosphere.

"The Sign of Darkness" Full Album

Final Thoughts About The Sign of Darkness

Listening to songs such as “Armageddon is Near” you get the sense that it sounds a little like early 1990s Iron Maiden for instance in No Prayer for the Dying. I get the feeling that this 4th song is a mixture of Rotting Christ style vocals plus Iron Maiden in the mix and you get a sort of exotic combination. However, another song to pay attention to is the bass filled song called “Serpent Spell” as there is a page taken out of the Metallica playbook in a sense because the song Anesthesia – Pulling Teeth was also dominated by the bass guitar but this song is just a minute and 45 seconds of bass guitar that is played well and it is a clear sounding kind of bass. It also provides us with a progressive sort of sound. The album ends with the Kreator influenced song “Satan Ascends.” The Sign of Darkness is not a perfect thrash metal album but it provides enough musical variety to be considered a solid thrash metal album from a Chilean metal band

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