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Review of the Album "Yearning for the Grotesque" by Spanish Death Metal Band Avulsed

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A High Quality Death Metal Album Awaits the Listener

Yearning for the Grotesque is the 3rd studio album by Spain’s premier death metal band Avulsed released in 2003 and it must be mentioned that these guys are vastly forgotten about or not even known by the majority of death metal fans which is a real shame because they are very talented. Even though the title of the album may seem like the band is overdoing it and making it sound like it will turn you away, the title is not as provocative as a Cannibal Corpse album. Those of you that are yearning for high quality death metal you will find it in this album for sure.

An Example of Avulsed Doing Something Different This Time

In what may be considered a rather interesting musical twist or experimentation, the beginning of the song “Pale Red Blood” has an acoustic section to it before it gets melodic and heavy. The guttural growls may be more pronounced than in the previous works of this band but who can say for sure? The acoustic section is kind of exotic having this sort of Middle Eastern kind of vibe to it if that makes any sense.

"Morbid Chef"

Initial Analysis of the Album and Thoughts

“Sick Sick Sex” has some feedback noise in it as the song is basically about someone who is addicted to sexual contact and he desires to have sex at any cost. “Wormeaten” the first song in this album with its feedback taps is similar to one of the songs called Compulsive Hater. However, the song titles are similar to Cannibal Corpse though. If that bothers you then by all means listen to other death metal bands. It is in this album that vocalist Dave Rotten (his stage name) uses a raspy vocal approach in addition to his trademark guttural growls. Yearning for the Grotesque isn’t the heaviest album by these Spanish guys but it is one that sees them experiment musically but in a different way. If you enjoyed their earlier works such as Stabwound Orgasm, you might enjoy this album too of you enjoy brutal death metal. It would be kind of an overstatement to consider these guys Spain’s version of Cannibal Corpse because these guys use a trademark guttural growl and especially in this album their music is turning towards the more exotic but the other mentioned band focuses on a more brutal musical approach and the growls by George Fisher are of a louder more bellowing kind of death metal. I even notice that in some instances, David uses a guttural growl that Tomi Koivusaari used back in 1994 during the early days of Amorphis. For what it is worth, Yearning for the Grotesque is an album that represents not only musical experimentation for Avulsed but it shows that they grew as a band.


Has Avulsed Really Changed as a Band?

Avulsed really had not changed a whole lot musically up to this point as the song "Devourer of the Dead" will show with its heavy riffing and melodic exotic secondary riff. It is just that they added an acoustic section in the song that follows this one as we mentioned.

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