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Review of the Album "World Demise" by Florida Death Metal Band Obituary

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Obituary is a Standard Death Metal Band

World Demise is the 4th studio album by death metal band Obituary and by this point in time, it is easy to spot the fact that the vocals of John Tardy may be the biggest issue. The riffing is respectable but it is almost like he is trying too hard to sound like a very raspy death metal vocalist. For an experienced, avid death metal music fan, these vocals are the type that are over the top. Folks, this is no Jacob Bredahl here and we would be kidding ourselves if we put John Tardy in that category. In 2021 listening to a band like Obituary, it is reasonable for a person to get the sense that these guys really didn’t reinvent themselves even if the riffing style is just like death metal in the 1990s would end up sounding.

The Songwriting is Average at Best

One observation that I make is that in the song “Final Thoughts” there is a riffing part that sounds like a heavier version of Pantera even though this is by no means a thrash metal album. There is a somewhat exotic sounding guitar part in this song but still, it is not in the category of sensational guitar work. The chorus is sufficient enough to match the vocals though. Judging by the title of the album, these guys might have thought that the world was on its way to certain demise. The song called “Don’t Care” is actually about the effects of environmental pollution. But the song is filled with vocals that have the potential to annoy some listeners and the main riff is kind of uninspiring. The title track of the album sounds like something off of the album Human but the song is average at best. Lyrically, it is basically about the fact that humans live to die eventually and thus, their existence ceases. That’s pretty obvious isn’t it? The song “Redefine” has some weird sounds before it gets heavy. The brief bass part that all of us can hear is decent through. The band Obituary is not Cannibal Corpse in the sense that their riffs aren’t as creative or technical and that means that these guys clearly can’t compete with other Florida death metal bands that got their names out there back in the day. Some of us just aren’t huge fans of the band Obituary. However, that is not to say that these guys didn’t have potential because they did. They just created standard death metal that had the typical pattern of the times without being creative enough either musically or lyrically.

Final Thoughts About Obituary's 4th Studio Album

Although the album World Demise isn’t a complete flop of an album, the band would be even better with a better vocalist than John Tardy. We don’t need another Chuck Schuldiner clone and some originality would actually be a good thing. There are things that we can be critical of in this album, such as the fact that there is a song titled “Kill for Me” which in the perspective of this writer is quite cheesy to have a song title such as that. In that case, there is a lack of originality. In terms of an extreme metal album, World Demise sounds neither dark enough nor do the lyrics give the listener a reason to really analyze them. The album pretty much as the standard death metal style riffing followed by the same bellowing vocals and the usual lyrics about the demise of humans with very few exceptions, one of them being the opening song that we discussed. If you don’t ever listen to the music of this Florida band Obituary, you won’t be losing too much because they are just a few steps below the more elite bands of the genre. It will be a sort of bonus to listen to the band Obituary but the album World Demise isn’t essential listening material for fans of death metal.

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