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Review of the Album "Winds of Creation" by Polish Death Metal Band Decapitated

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Fans of Cannibal Corpse Will Enjoy This Album

Polish death metal veteran band Decapitated made their presence felt in the Polish death metal scene with their relentless double bass drumming and technical death metal style since 1996. Their 2000 debut album Winds of Creation is what set their career in motion. I look at this Polish death metal band as a better early version of Cannibal Corpse. What is meant by the statement is that this early album is a better kind of early Cannibal Corpse album. This is quite a bold statement to make and some reading this may roll their eyes in disbelief at someone saying that these Polish guys are better than Cannibal Corpse. It is as if some magical musical winds blew in the direction of Poland and gave birth to a highly technical group such as this. Poland is a country that has perfected the art of technical death metal and this early musical work shows this.

Song Reviews

What follows is a review of each song, other than the last one which as was mentioned is a cover of a very famous song by the band Slayer.

"Winds of Creation"

This title track is a heavy song about the kind of chaos that ensued before the creation and start of mankind. The riffing style resembles that of songs on the band’s next album. In fact. You might notice that one of the guitar parts kind of resembles the song “Spheres of Madness.”


This song really shows that double bass drumming technique really taken to its most intense moments by the man who was known by his stage name of “Vitek.”

"The First Damned"

This third song with a rather peculiar title has a good progressive death metal style solo in it, more than likely influenced by the band Death, once fronted of course by none other than the late great Chuck Schuldiner.

"Way to Salvation"

This song starts off in the style of an album such as Individual Thought Patterns.

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"The Eye of Horus"

This song lyrically is about the Egyptian god of the dead.

"Human’s Dust"

This song may as well be about the fact that because human beings have sinned, they must go back to dust after they die and thus they enter a period of darkness.

"Nine Steps"

This song starts off with drumming as Vitek once again showed that he could play very well and compete with other drummers in the music business.

"Dance Macabre"

Final Thoughts

In addition, some of the solos are influenced by the Florida death metal scene. Yes, the vocals do have the guttural growls in them and for some fans, this is a deal breaker. But if you are an avid fan of technical death metal, Winds of Creation is more than good enough to suit your tastes. It may not be as good of an album as 2002’s Nihility but it may be close enough. The “Outro” song even though it repeats itself it is a very good dark atmospheric type. The end of this album has a cover performance of Slayer’s song “Mandatory Suicide.” This cover is speeded up so it does not really sound like the original. This performance is a more speeded up version of the original song with guttural vocals if that makes any sense. The guttural vocals of this debut are so heavy that they do resemble that of the band Avulsed.

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