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Review of the Album "When Sanity Becomes Insanity" by Chilean Death Metal Band Suffering Sights

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Musical Influences of the Album As Well as a Big Disadvantage Or Con

When Sanity Becomes Insanity is the 2021 debut album by Chilean death metal band Suffering Sights and once again, here you will read about a metal band from Chile, a country in South America whose metal music base is slowly showing us how creative it really is. Stylistically, the riffs are mostly like Morbid Angel and Sepultura with a slight influence of early Metallica and this influence is seen in the very beginning of the song "Suffering Sights" which is also the name of the band. There are a few notes that sound like the song Hit the Lights. The song in terms of its style is mostly like Morbid Angel. The song is lyrically about the corruption in humanity. The one thing that could obviously be improved is the vocals which are sort of hard to understand within the context of the album. I get the sense that the vocals sound like a worse version of Max Cavalera and the sub-par vocals certainly will take the album’s score down quite a bit. The drumming in the title track is pretty spectacular. Then there is a melody that is probably reminiscent of some of the older death metal bands though that’s hard to say with 100% certainty.

"Suffering Sights" Song Only

Brief Analysis of the Songs as Of This First Writing

“Punishment Voids” is an instrumental song that repeats the main riff and this could be a sort of a con for the album unless you enjoy riffs that are repeated. The song is fast in nature for most of it before the drum play slows down the song to its conclusion. The bass guitar in the middle section of the song “Hypocrite” though is memorable because of it how it fits well with the rest of the song structure. Near the end of the song it sounds like the more groovy albums of Sepultura so in that sense, the song can be considered a death metal and thrash metal hybrid. “Worthy Acts of Hate” is a song that sounds a lot like a song written on the album Enemy of God and whatever Kreator came out with later in their career. Here we go with perhaps another band influenced at least partially by those Germans. However, in the middle of this song it sounds like the lead guitar is forced so they can address that flaw for their next album.

Final Thoughts About the Album "When Sanity Becomes Insanity"

This album is like a sort of hit and miss because there are times where these Chileans show that they can write very good riffs and then other times, the songwriting feels like there is not enough innovation. These guys definitely have potential to be better because the song “Corrupted Childhood” shows their capabilities. It turns from a modern Sepultura influenced song with a more progressive section which finishes this song off in just the best way that they could have done. After that part, the bass guitar kicks in as the song is about a rough childhood as some people suffer many wounds in their most formative years.

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