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Review of the Album "Vote is a Bullet" by Virgin Snatch

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About the Musical Style and Lyrical Themes of Vote is a Bullet

Vote is a Bullet is the 6th studio album by Virgin Snatch, a really heavy thrash metal band from Poland that has been around since 2001. Their lyrics focus on social and political issues with one of their themes being that democracy is sometimes necessary and we will discuss why this is the case. The vocals are rough enough to resemble a hybrid of hardcore and death metal as well. I got inspired to start looking into the discography of these guys due to Pawel Pasek, former guitarist of the technical death metal band Decapitated.

Virgin Snatch Shows Us That Thrash Metal is Still Alive and Well

If Phil Anselmo thought that his vocals were rough, he is in for some competition. This album contains vocals that are more than just symbolic of rage, but they may be a protest against the status quo of world politics. Vocalist Lukasz Zielinski is somewhat like Randy Blythe in his vocal delivery only better. There are some that may question the idea of comparing Virgin Snatch to Lamb of God but the way I feel about Virgin Snatch after listening through one of their albums the first time is nothing like I felt about Lamb of God. One of these bands is a decent hardcore groove band while the other one (Virgin Snatch) is a thrash metal band that is on another level entirely. It speaks to the vast expansion that the thrash metal genre has gone through, and folks, thrash metal is nowhere near dead as some like to claim that it happened at the close of the 1980s.

This Album Begins in the Typical Way of Many Heavy Metal Albums

The album though begins in the way that many metal albums begin, with a short song typically an instrumental song or intro that usually isn’t more than a few minutes long and in this one, there is an introduction track. Bur in this one minute plus track, there are narrations of parts of speeches by famous political figures. However, don’t let the first track deprive you of what is a very good modern thrash metal album.

The Type of Person That Would Enjoy the Music of Virgin Snatch

Of course, there are many really good thrash metal albums from countless artists so you might be wondering how this album stands out in a genre that is just full of thrash metal albums. It depends what kind of thrash appeals to you. Virgin Snatch is one of those thrash metal bands that combines heaviness, vocal roughness, and creative melodic parts that make them diverse. If thrash metal diversity is your type of thrash metal then this latest offering from these Polish guys will really suit you. In addition, if you enjoy songs with political themes, then Vote is a Bullet will be an album that you will really enjoy listening to.

Further Analysis of the Songs

“Antipodes” is a song that lyrically has that anti-war vice to it as the message is that we cannot afford to deal with this kind of junk that is only going to divide both sides. Vocally, the approach for this song is a radical departure from the usual rough style that we have heard through most of this album. And Lukasz is absolutely right when he says that you cannot squeeze love from a hateful action such as war. This album ends with the 10 minute plus song “We Are Underground” as lyrically this song tells us that in life we have a right to say no and to oppose policies that we feel are unjust. The song also says that there is no place for compromise yet it is through compromise that legislation in the houses of government bodies can be effectively passed. The title track says lyrically that democracy heals and that we should take advantage of that and vote. But does democracy always heal a country? Sometimes it is that very democracy that divides a nation if one side is convinced that the other side doesn’t have its best interest in mind.

Discography of Virgin Snatch

Year ReleasedAlbum Title




Art of Lying


In the Name of Blood


Act of Grace


We Serve No One


Vote is a Bullet

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