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Review of the Album "Volcano" by Norwegian Black Metal Band Satyricon

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Introducing Satyricon's 5th Studio Album

Volcano is the 5th studio album by Norwegian black metal legends Satyricon and yes, I am referring to this band as legendary given the fact that they have produced solid black metal up to this point in time. But by 2002, the world had entered a brand new century and change was in the air. For Satyricon, this change was no exception. Volcano is more of a rock and roll combined with death metal rather than just standard black metal music.

A Brief Description of the Album's Cover

The cover for the album has the image of a poisonous snake, similar to that of the cover for The Great Southern Trendkill but let’s not digress too far here. For the purposes of this review, we will analyze this album song by song.

Volcano: the Songs One by One

  1. With Ravenous Hunger – This opening song sets the stage by slowly building up into a death metal song about deceit and lies. There are the words “unleash hell” before the main guitar part comes in. Deception can become such a disease that it can eat the person up from the inside. There is a reference to a snake in this song and that snake represents the pain that is tormenting the person that has it in his or her body. The song however still has that black metal feel even though it was written in the early 2000s.
  2. Angstridden - In spite of its title this song isn’t full of pent up anger and rage. It is a good mid-tempo rock and black metal song. The song has a guest vocal performance by Anja Garbarek and it can be tough to detect this vocal part at first because it sounds like she is using a vocal distortion device.
  3. Fuel for Hatred – This song may be the most famous one in this album and the same song that Finnish black metal band Catamenia would cover three years later in 2005. There is a vocal part of the words “all right” before the main riff starts this song off.
  4. Suffering the Tyrants – This song has part rough vocals and raspy growls as this one once again has a sort of mid-tempo riff to it.
  5. Possessed – This one starts off with a fast and maybe some sort of furious guitar approach because no sooner did the previous song end than this one confronts our eardrums right away, thus giving us no break.
  6. Repined B****** Nation – This song asks the question of whether we need another nation that is full of decay and disgust. The song also tries to point out that it is unacceptable for the nation to hit its nadir, lowest point or dark wall. The song also mentions that darkness we cannot tolerate.
  7. Mental Mercury – This song lyrically tries to point out why humans (man) should be protected. This is why people embrace animals because it is said that animals have a sort of innocence that a man does not have.
  8. Black Lava – This song is lyrically a somewhat sorrowful reference to the heavens being black and coldness ahead in the distance. This song may be a better type of song that Agalloch wrote but only slightly better than that band from Oregon. The guitars tend to stay in that slow to mid-tempo range.

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