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Review of the Album "Voices From the Void" by Blackened a Very Good French Death and Thrash Metal Band

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Paris France Based Metal Band Blackened and Their Musical Style In Brief

France’s hybrid musical creation, the band Blackened from Paris, France, that did not have any releases since 2018’s The Aftermath has as of February 27, 2022 released a brand new album. This new one is called Voices from the Void. Contrary to the description made by The New Wave of Old School Thrash Metal YouTube channel, it isn’t really accurate to call these guys a crossover band of thrash metal. Normally, a crossover band has a lot of that punk metal feel to it but in this case, what we hear is more of a thrash metal style infused with exotic guitar play and that describes the band Blackened as it pertains to their new album. It would not be entirely accurate to classify this album as entirely thrash metal because the vocals are harsh enough to be of death metal style.


The Album Also Has An instrumental Song In It

The album changes in tempo quite a bit but there is still that thrash metal speed and tempo especially in the song “Blackening.” The riffing later on in this song and the heaviness resembles Holy Moses in the mid-2000s. There is also a musical touch of Kreator in this song as well. There is also the sound of rainfall in this album and that is in the song “Tomb of Horrors.” There is quite a contrast in this album with the instrumental song called “Whispers of Tormented Souls” but not in the way you would expect. No, this is not some Dimmu Borgir influenced song but it is a soft instrumental with the sound of violins. The style is similar to what the band In Flames would have done early in their career with those melodic death metal instrumentals back in the day. The album’s cover is similar to what American death metal band Obituary would do in designing their covers.

How Good of An Album Is Voices From the Void?

Voices From the Void is a good mix of thrash metal that is also influenced in some degree by The Wake a pretty good Finnish thrash metal band and we bring this up for discussion because the vocals sound like that other mentioned band. In addition, there is a resemblance in terms of the riffing to the beginning of that famous Annihilator song Hunter Killer in the song called “The Spider’s Embrace.”

"Whispers of Tormented Souls"

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More Detailed Analysis of Blackened's Second Studio Album

The first song called “Trapped In Purgatory” basically is translated to mean trapped in hell. The bass guitar offers a pretty good complement to the guitars that are played. “Blackening” has a guitar section that is influenced at least partially by the band Slayer and you might be able to detect that there is the partial feel of the song “Ghosts of War.” France has come a long way since it gave rise to older bands such as Loudblast and Agressor. France isn’t just a country that puts out occasional death metal bands anymore. It is with some optimism that we hope that the band Blackened can help to put France on the map with more recognition when it comes to thrash metal. Even if the lyrical content of the album is less than desirable or not very positive, what we have here is a highly creative album that has influences which are very varied. Wow, at first glance it may sound like those two words would sound strange being in the same sentence but Paris, France’s Blackened certainly delivers the musical goods on this 2nd album of theirs. The first two songs help get this album into the elite category. You might ask yourself why the first two songs being great would put an album into the elite category when the album itself has nine songs. Well, the way in which the rest of the album is, the first two to three tracks are solid enough that they give the album enough strength to push the score into the low 90s at least. The title track has solid bass play combined with that old fashioned Kreator style melody to give this album another good song. “Silent Death” is the song that finishes off this album. The beginning of the song has what sounds like an air raid siren as the main riff gets played with the bass providing a good complementary role. This album should appeal to both death metal and thrash metal fans because this is not your old school ancient kind of thrash but one that is much more melodic than what you may have heard in the genre’s early days

"Trapped In Purgatory"

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