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Review of the Album Violent Restitution by Razor

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Who Are the Band Razor?

Razor, a thrash metal band from Guelph, Ontario Canada is considered to be part of Canada’s big four bands of thrash metal which includes Annihilator, Razor, Sacrifice, and Voivod. Violent Restitution is this band’s 5th studio album and the first one I ever heard from these guys. The sound on this album is still pretty raw even though it came out at the end of the 1980s. It would not be accurate to say that Razor sounds like Slayer but they do have some screams in the vocals and the riffs are quite fast as well.

Band Personnel for the album Violent Restitution

Stace “Sheepdog” McLaren: lead vocals and piano

Dave Carlo: guitars

Adam Carlo: bass guitars

Rob Mills: drums

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This album starts out with a scream as the speed of this song is evident. There is also a blues style to the first song called “The Marshall Arts.” This album is also the last one to feature Stace “Sheepdog” McLaren on vocals. “Hypertension” features some more screams by the man that goes by the nickname of “Sheepdog” as these razor sharp riffs define Razor at least in this early period.

"Taste the Floor"

“Taste the Floor” is a song that showcases speed to the maximum as the sound of a motorcycle can be heard. Violent Restitution is one of those albums that has that really aggressive edge to it and it has the feel of a person that can’t be messed with. As the title track says “you ain’t seen nothing yet.” Razor was not the only band in this era to use speed and aggression in their songs to this level though I feel that they are not as intense as Exodus’ music is and that band is really hard to handle at some points even for me. “Out of the Game” is a song that lyrically describes a person that has allowed the anger to get the best of them and although they are out of the game, they think they won’t be gone for long. The whole album is pretty much like an angry in your face kind of thrash metal which was common for that time period. “Enforcer” is a song about a professional assassin basically and it continues in the tradition of thrash metal songs in the style that this band knows how to do. Listening to this album makes me realize that I’d rather listen to these guys even at night rather than Mercyful Fate for instance. Some kinds of thrash metal you can tolerate even at night and Razor seems to be one of those bands. “Edge of the Razor” is one of the few songs that isn’t totally built on speed as it is slow in the beginning as the song builds up. But then in the usual fashion it does speed up and then there are some more screams in the mix. “Eve of the Storm” is a song that continues the thrash metal assault to the eardrums as it is possible to party and listen to this song getting more than your fair share of heavy metal as well. “Discipline” is one of those songs on this album that sounds like a kind of blues and thrash metal mix as we finally have some kind of variation. Basically, this 4th album by Razor is an album filled with angry rage filled lyrics as the album is a terrific combination of razor sharp thrash riffing with a little bit of blues mixed in. Is Violent Restitution as good as Reign in Blood? That is hard to say but Razor definitely shows that they can play with the rest of the famous thrash metal bands.


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