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Review of the Album "Violence Unimagined" by Cannibal Corpse

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Joining Cannibal Corpse for This Album is Erik Rutan

Famous death metal band Cannibal Corpse has just released another album as of April 16, 2021 and this one is called Violence Unimagined and these guys have once again taken the album titles up a notch in terms of extreme album titles. Playing as the second guitarist in this album is Hate Eternal guitarist Erik Rutan who replaces Pat O’ Brien. Cannibal Corpse is set to embark on a new chapter in their career with Erik Rutan who demonstrates that he is a more than adequate replacement for Pat. The band does not need the distraction surrounding the circumstances of Pat’s legal troubles.

It May Take Some Fans Time to Get Used to This Album

Cannibal Corpse doesn’t waste any time getting started with this monstrosity of an album with the first song as the riffs are chunky and I think that this sounds kind of like modern Testament in some respects. This is one of those albums that may catch some longtime fans of Cannibal Corpse by surprise because of the chunky riffing style that this album has. Gone are the days with Chris Barnes where the bass lines were more audible and there was that 1990s melody style. Bands change and adapt over time and for Cannibal Corpse, these changes really have not affected their music too much. Violence Unimagined is still a really heavy album while having vocals that are rougher than you might have heard before. How can this be explained? The thing is that Chris Barnes had a standard death metal voice while George Fisher has a rougher and more guttural voice if that makes sense. “Condemnation Contagion” asks an important yet controversial question and that question is “Is this the end of all that we know?” Lyrically, the song is discussing the effects of a massive contagious virus that has the ability to infect and kill thousands of people. There is also a reference to the idea of evolution by natural selection. Whether this is by coincidence or not, there was a mandatory quarantine that was enforced at the beginning of the current pandemic that is making the news these days.

Erik Rutan Plays the Song "Condemnation Contagion"

Final Thoughts About the New Cannibal Corpse Album

If the goal of Cannibal Corpse was to make an album as brutal as possible, their newest musical creation offers just that but with a more modern twist and even more guttural vocals. These guys still have exotic riff sections so it is not like they just stuck to standard death metal. They definitely have changed since their very first album. Where does Cannibal Corpse’s newest musical work stand in comparison to their older releases? It certainly isn’t any worse than those releases and I congratulate them for wanting to continue to create music even after what happened to Pat O’ Brien. For what it is worth, Alex Webster the bassist is one of only two remaining original members of this band and the drummer Paul who has also been with the band since the beginning deserves credit for his drumming skill. This album is no less brutal than what we heard on albums such as The Bleeding. The difference is that the music on this latest offering by these guys is of a different kind of aggression. The savagery of the riffing will never stop as long as Cannibal Corpse is active.

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Ara Vahanian (author) from LOS ANGELES on April 18, 2021:

Thank you very much for stopping by to comment on this article. I will rework it though and try to improve the article visually. This is the band's latest album and it was released just a few days ago.

MG Singh emge from Singapore on April 18, 2021:

You have given me a wonderful collection and this one was a nice one and enjoyed reading it, hope I will listen in also.

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