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Review of the Album "Vain Glory Opera" by German Power Metal Band Edguy

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The Album Cover for Vain Glory Opera


Vain Glory Opera May be the Best of Edguy's Early Albums

German power metal band Edguy was one of the best power metal bands in Germany from their creation in 1992 through 2001. Their 3rd studio album called "Vain Glory Opera" is another example of such a fine power metal album. However, with the way that this album starts, some fans will begin to wonder what the band was trying to do and what their motivation was. The first song on this album is the short, symphonic song called Overture. This album is a fun, enjoyable experience for pretty much any power metal fan. There is a choir part to it as the words “nowhere to run, nowhere to go” are uttered. On the album, the production is definitely more polished.

Until We Rise Again Can Motivate Fans and Here is How

The next song called Until We Rise Again is a song showing that humans won’t truly be “free” from oppression until they take the hand of GOD because HE is the only one that knows how to save mankind from its disorder, chaos, and other problems.

The Song How Many Miles is About Goal Setting

The song called How Many Miles begins with a keyboard like part that we would hear in melodic rock bands. The song asks the question how many miles are there left before we reach that “gate of reality?” How many miles are left before we recognize that our dreams have come true? Sometimes it seems like our dreams have failed before us even though we thought we had reached our goals. The general rule is to never assume that your dreams are dead before they are realized.

Vain Glory Opera: Hansi Kursch Makes a Guest Appearance

Scarlet Rose is the first ballad song on this album. It describes a relationship that has ended when a man’s lover has broken up with him and slammed the door in his face. All he is left with to ponder are all the memories and experiences of that love that he had. Whenever it rains, he is reminded of his lover although he cannot have her in his life anymore. As we are in 2017, Vain Glory Opera sounds like it may be the best of Edguy’s earlier albums because of the quality of the songs. The next song called Out of Control has the powerful vocals of Tobias Sammett and this is one of the first songs I remember from this album. The song describes a person that has a life that is out of control. He is surrounded by fear, darkness, and hate. There are backing vocals from Blind Guardian’s Hansi Kursch in this song. The title track is a song about getting your prayers answered from Our Creator and willing yourself to victory using his love, guidance, and powers. Christians will say that they know when GOD has spoken to them. I don’t want to say that the song is a religious one but the theme is about striving for victory against enemies that have souls that are full of lies. The truth wins in the end.

Fairytale: a Song Influenced by Blind Guardian

Fairytale is a song criticizing life for being one big fairytale. The chorus shows the melodic vocals of Tobias and he does a great job! Once again, the song is about the fact that the Lord our GOD can show us the right path, the path to peace, justice, and a better world. The melodic interlude after the chorus is influenced by Iron Maiden and it shows that German bands are not just about speed and thrash! After that interlude, another interlude follows that is influenced by Blind Guardian.

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Best early Edguy Album

The Song No More Foolin'

Vain Glory Opera Shows the Band's Cohesiveness

Tomorrow is another ballad song and this one is about realizing that once we destroy the world it cannot be remade again. The eagle that joins other eagles to fly must be protected and we must help it when it is in trouble. The 10th song called No More Foolin’ is another relationship song and this one is about playing hard to get if you want to win a woman over. But they also have to save all of their love if they really care for someone like you. Is Vain Glory Opera better than the re-mastered “The Savage Poetry?” It is a very tough call as Edguy early in their career were VERY good but this 1998 album certainly made them a cohesive unit.

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