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Review of the Album Unleashed Upon This World by American Thrash and Death Metal Band Chemicaust

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The photo of this messy room also symbolizes what the lyrical themes of this album are about as well. These themes are about the chaotic state of the world.

The photo of this messy room also symbolizes what the lyrical themes of this album are about as well. These themes are about the chaotic state of the world.

About the Band Chemicaust & Their Musical Influences

Chemicaust is an American thrash and death metal band from Dallas, Texas and these guys are part of the new wave of American thrash metal having been formed in 2013. At first I had some doubts about reviewing this album because of the vocals and the fact that it didn't quite “click” from a musical perspective at first. If there is one thing to question immediately about these guys it is some of the song titles of this album. This band attempts to become really melodic like European thrash metal bands and while there are traces of exotic guitar play in this album they just are not there in massive quantities. The album we are reviewing here is the one called Unleashed Upon This World which was released in 2018. Chemicaust is a mishmash musically of bands such as Slayer and Testament with a hybrid of thrash metal mixed with death metal style vocals.

Unleashed Upon This World Is At Best An Average Thrash Metal Album

Upon initially listening to this album, I am reminded of a mixture of thrash metal with death metal style raspy vocals and a bit of Ensiferum because Jari Maenpaa used this kind of vocal style when he was with Ensiferum. Songs such as Human Sacrifice lyrically are about the cruelty of man towards his fellow man. Sometimes we wonder why humans could be so cruel to each other. There is a notable Cannibal Corpse influence as well in this song. These guys from Texas aren't really going to be creative enough to wow people over and make them think that this is elite thrash metal but it will really be noticeable to the most avid thrash metal fans because these kinds of fans make listening to thrash metal a part of their life. Unleashed Upon This World is also the title track and lyrically it tries to send a message that we should be outraged at the cruelty that has been brought onto this world.


Final Thoughts About "Unleashed Upon This World"

“The Absurd Beautiful Lie” is a song that is about the fact that the idea of salvation is just absurd on its face. The next song called Incarceration is a Testament influenced song about someone that has been incarcerated for reasons that are absurd. The United States is known for having a legal system that is flawed and biased. The band is just bringing up the topic of the bad legal system up for thought. “Serenity” is a song that questions this Earthly existence as being some kind of bondage that we escape from upon death/ Life for some people is considered a drag or something that isn't really enjoyed to the fullest extent. When we get to the song called Genocide, there is some attempt at providing us with creative lead guitar parts which for this band, that part is one of the best parts. Overall, Unleashed Upon This World is a decent modern death and thrash metal album but it just lacks enough creativity to be considered among the elite metal albums. The strongest songs in this album are As the Empires Fall and Vanished. The first song is about the obvious effects on the empire as it becomes ravaged by warfare. At least the vocals being the death metal style can be understood which is a plus.

Rating for the album Unleashed Upon This World: 75 points out of 100 (C)

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