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Review of the Album "to the Gallows" by Australian Thrash Metal Band Desecrator

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The Performers On This Album

Genre: thrash metal

Personnel that play on the album To the Gallows

Riley Strong: vocals and guitar

Scottie Anning: guitars

Gerad Biesboer: bass guitars

Jared Roberts: drums

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More About Australia's Desecrator

Melbourne Australia based thrash metal band Desecrator having been around since 2008 did not release their debut album To the Gallows until 2017. But for these guys that wait has certainly worked out for them. The album is definitely part of the new age of thrash metal giving listeners a modern thrash metal work that has influences ranging from Kreator and Slayer.

A Great Power Ballad Song

These guys also have a power ballad in their debut album called “As I Die.” The song is about a person that feels that they are fading away and dying as they watch the sun rise. This is one of those songs where Riley’s vocals can be understood the best. The song provides us a few minutes break from the intense songs that come after it. The progressive style in this song reminds me of how Amorphis would start their soft parts in their days with Pasi Koskinen doing the vocals.

"As I Die"

More Analysis of the Vocals

Riley Strong provides a strong finish at the end of the song “Serpent’s Return” as his vocals are both strong and impressive for the genre. The song called “Down to Hell” has a section that kind of sounds like the song “Hollow” by Pantera. The song is pretty self-explanatory in terms of the lyrics as it talks about someone having their soul eaten up by Satan as he only experiences torment and torture down there. That’s not the most positive lyrical theme I know but these guys know how to make thrash metal interesting.

Starting this album is the title track and the drumming leads to quite an interesting first song. The chorus is melodic as well. “Desert for Days” begins with the sound of wind blowing and dialogue. The song lyrically is about life on the desert areas and how challenging it can be without water. Is there really heavy metal overload when you are listening to really good thrash metal? “Red Steel Nation” is a song that lyrically about drinking too much as the fast solos resemble Slayer. “Hellhound” is a song about a creature that comes out at nighttime ready to devour its prey. Those of us that are familiar with the genre know that Judas Priest years ago wrote a lyrically similar song called Nightcrawler. “Thrash is a Verb” is a song that has been written to mean that music must be played fast. The song is also about what typically happens during a heavy metal concert. For musicians, playing on stage to entertain their fans is the thing that they love the most. “Brainscan” is a song about someone that is being tortured while the injections keep him calm. The doctors say that their work on him is part of science but the person being worked on feels like he is being tortured. He is being told that he will get out of this place soon while they are drilling his brain. To the Gallows is a very good album from these Australians and the wait for them which spanned 9 years paid off for them as the results show. Desecrator add to the Australian metal scene as this nation may slowly become a hotbed for thrash metal in the not too distant future.

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