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Review of the Album "To Find Deliverance" by Polish Thrash Metal Band Species

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Introducing the Polish Band Species and Their Debut Album "To Find Deliverance"

Here we go with a Polish metal band that is not technical death metal, crossover thrash metal or death metal. However, what we do have here is the debut album from the Polish thrash metal band Species and they released their debut album To Find Deliverance in August 2022. It is largely progressive influenced with melodic guitar parts and passages as well as vocals that resemble a sort of hybrid between thrash metal shouts and death metal vocals.

One Outstanding Quality About This Album Is

The bass guitar in particular is very impeccably done and Steve Harris would be proud if he heard this.

This Album Shows Poland's Rise Into Good Musical Diversity

This album is a very promising start for this band which has been active since 2018. With this 2022 debut album, Species is able to show that Poland is no longer a country that just releases technical death metal albums or the standard death metal music. In the song “Malfunction” there is a very impressive display of good blues soloing work and you can also detect the jazz influence along with the bass guitar lines.


Analysis of the Album's Cover

The album's cover can be a sort of symbolism for the human species as there is a human head and or brain in the center of the cover. There is a ring or circle of fire surrounded by a few bare trees and there is a building of some sort that may be leading into some sort of judgment hall perhaps?

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About the Songs In Species' Debut Album

The middle section of the song “Parasite” is a more modern sounding song that is influenced by Annihilator's Never Neverland album and it takes a very avid metal music fan to be able to notice this influence. However, the beginning of it has a more jazz and blues influence prior to the heavier guitars and bass. “Rare Signals” is a really beautiful yet short instrumental that begins with a weird noise as you can tell just how dark the sound is, almost in a suspenseful sort of way but it is not going to scare you. “Falls the Tower” is a song about a person that has lost their way or direction in their life or it can also symbolize a tower that has a foundation that is breaking apart. “Thy Name is Slaughter” is a song that is lyrically self-explanatory. It is about a person that is driven by a need to bring as much pain as possible to as many people as he can. He thinks that he will be victorious in the end. “Deus” is a delightful departure from the usual songs and it is an Opeth influenced instrumental song which then leads into “Ex-Machina” by far the longest song in this album clocking in at over 11 minutes in length. The way that it begins, you might think that it is progressive in nature, sounding like a more modern feel of The Spectre Within. The song lyrically is trying to say that loss is a way of life but the song also is a sort of plea for us to save humanity. The middle section of this song has a very impressive part that may remind some of you of the band Cynic and their 1993 album Focus.

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