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Review of the Album "Time Odyssey" By American Rock Guitarist Vinnie Moore

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Many People May Have Forgotten About "Time Odyssey"

Vinnie Moore is a neoclassical rock guitarist from the United States that some of you may not remember. His 1988 album called Time Odyssey is one of those albums that I remember listening to around 1998 or 1999 and I was immediately impressed! Instrumental albums if they are creative enough have the ability to create a lifetime of enjoyment for the listener. From the first song called "Morning Star," it is obvious that Vinnie Moore does not disappoint!

Prelude and Into the Future Is a Great Song But It Defines the Main Concept of the Album

Then comes the keyboard filled prelude and then we go Into the Future which is the name of the second part of this song. The fast sweeps by Vinnie Moore are no less than impressive! The keyboard play by Jordan Rudess is impressive as well. Looking at the track listing in 2017and beyond, I get the sense that each song can be thought of as a description of the life cycle itself.

From Morning Star to April Sky Time Odyssey Can Be Thought of as an Instrumental Concept Album

Morning Star can be thought of as the beginning of the life cycle of the birth of a human being, though in many cases, babies can be born at night as well. By the time we get to the song Beyond the Door, a door that we open and a path that we take in life can lead us to a special place where we will thrive. The second part of the song Message in a Dream has a guitar part that US progressive metal band Fates Warning would use in their later albums with vocalist Ray Alder. I am referring to albums such as 1991’s Parallels and after that. Vinnie Moore stats to use some of the lead guitar technique that Marty Friedman would use as well. You can tell by the way the notes are plucked as well as the actual speed that the notes are played. What messages are there in the dreams that we see? Time slips by every moment that humans waste it.

Why Is the Album's Cover so Important?

The album’s cover is significant as well. The album cover shows various planets of our solar system including, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter. The hands of a big clock are on the planet of Mars as the smaller clock hand is near the number 11. The large clock hand is past the number 15 and closer to the number 17. The mountains can be seen in the distance. The cover symbolizes that time is constantly passing by as the clock ticks. This writer intends to use his time wisely doing the things that make this world a better place to live in.

"Morning Star"

There Is a Tribute to The Beatles & Johann Sebastian Bach On Time Odyssey

I do not know exactly what motivated me to review this album but I can tell you that this is one of those forgotten instrumental albums. There is also a complete instrumental version of The Beatles song called "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and you can recognize the song by the riffing pattern. In this album, he pays tribute to The Beatles and Johann Sebastian Bach, the other one being a very famous German composer that was known for his organ playing Baroque style of classical music.

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"The Tempest"

Time Odyssey: Songs 6-10 and Final Thoughts

"Race With Destiny" has a guitar riff in the beginning that sounds like Swedish power metal band Nocturnal Rites. Race With Destiny can be interpreted to mean that often times, humans are on a race against time to discover what their true destiny in life is. Some of us discover our destiny while some of us do not know for a very long time. The Tempest is one of the strongest songs in this album and this one is very classically sounding but it is hard to tell what time period it is influenced by. The riffing in the song reminds me of my younger days when I used to have so much fun even if it was not perfect.We also hear some guitar tapping that has that flamenco style that The Gipsy Kings use in their music. "Pieces of a Picture" has both that progressive metal feel as well as some blues mixed in. The album ends with the song called April Sky written by the famous classical composer Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). Vinnie Moore does a beautiful cover version of it. By the end of the album April Sky can be interpreted as symbolizing the end of a human lifetime as the soul departs from the physical body and rises into heaven. There’s not much more to say about Time Odyssey except to say that is a beautiful and brilliant instrumental album.

Pieces of a Picture"

Favorite Song In Time Odyssey

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