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Review of the Album 'Til Death Do Us Unite by Sodom

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The First Studio Album Without the Contributions of Guido Richter

'Til Death Do Us Unite (that’s the way the album’s title is written) is the 8th studio album by German thrash metal band Sodom released in 1997. Some fans might be wondering how the band would fare without the help of Guido “Atomic Steif” Richter. Even though this album is classified as crossover thrash metal it actually is one of those that sees Sodom slowly make their return into the realm of thrash metal.

The Only Bad Thing About This Album Is

The only questionable thing about the album is the cover which turned out to be very controversial and understandably so. If that’s the only bad thing about a thrash metal album we don’t have too much to complain about do we?

"Frozen Screams"

The Songs Structure

We might as well describe the members of Sodom as rock and roll stars or more accurately, stars of thrash metal because every album they make is good in its own way. The departure of their previous drummer for personal reasons did almost nothing to impact these guys in a negative way as the sense of humor and aggression in the music is still present. However, Sodom has this sort of distinction of always including metal songs that have lyrics in their native German. Once again, there are two such songs in this one. There is also a cover song in this album but for the purposes of this analysis we will focus on the songs written by Sodom themselves.

The Song Frozen Screams Really Sets the Tone for This Album

This album begins in a really furious riffing fashion as the song "Frozen Screams" shows not crossover thrash but really fast thrash metal that is modern and it convinces me that this is exactly the way to play thrash metal. This song is about sexual energy that has been repressed and bottled up for so many years and the person is finally ready to express themselves. Speaking of expressing themselves, Sodom with this album really dive into social issues that are really vital for us to be aware of such as police brutality and injustice in the legal system as the second song demonstrates.

Final Thoughts About 'Til Death Do Us Unite

Actually, from a musical point of view, 'Til Death Do Us Unite does not feel musically out of place and I cannot detect that anything is really forced which is a great quality. The groovy title track is lyrically about something obvious as all of us will depart this Earth and our souls will unite with other souls. Even with songs such as “Wander in the Valley” which discuss the finality of death the album is quite an enjoyable one. This song just like the title track has that sort of 1990s heavy groove style but they do this better than Pantera. This 1997 studio album isn’t totally experimental like the one called Tapping the Vein. Things can change in just a five year period and change is true of metal bands as well. There are no death metal style vocals in this album and Tom Angelripper returns to using his usual thrash metal style vocals. This 1997 studio album sets the way for Sodom to return to their thrash metal style which they would do from 1999 onward. They don’t have to want to be rock and roll stars with this album. They already are one of the best German metal bands in the world.

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