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Review of the Album "Thrashwall" by Thrashwall

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By the title of this album and the name of this band, some of you may be wary to even listen to the debut album of this thrash metal band from Portugal. However, the title of the album is very deceiving as what is on this album is less than 30 minutes of VERY well executed modern thrash metal that should appeal to fans of the modern thrash metal movement. Thrashwall is a short thrash filled album that is influenced mostly by German thrash metal giants Kreator and Tankard.

What Kind of an Album is Thrashwall?

Even the way in which this album starts with a dark and Slayer influenced “Intro” is a great decision by these guys. It is better to gradually draw the listener in instead of greeting them with a massive speed approach from the start of an album. Then, there is the fast and melodic song “War Outside the Wall.” Lyrically, the song is about the question that’s being asked about what is happening to our world as there are times when a disorderly event can create massive chaos. Listening to this debut can make you feel like it is better than albums of a similar style released years before by a few of the famous American metal bands. This album is short enough, sweet, and just has enough modern thrash metal to make you really enjoy it. Then there is the interesting blues influenced thrash metal song called “Warehouse Rampage.” The song lyrically takes us into a world where we envision spending time in a studio that has a stage and just partying hard and playing thrash metal with friends as we have the time of our lives. Combined with very fast lead guitar parts and drum play that is eye opening, Thrashwall is a superb offering of thrash metal that is thrash metal and more for sure!

Final Thoughts About Thrashwall

“Old Jail” is a song that metaphorically explains the struggle of a person that wants to find a way to escape the pain of a life filled with endless pressure. Perhaps the most important song in this album from a lyrical perspective is the one called “World Domination.” The song slowly builds up as we are told that because of the evil actions of man, humans sometimes die in masses. We must rise up and demand an end to world domination. As the song states very simply, no one owns the world. The song is similar to early 2000s Tankard. If you remember albums such as B-Day you will notice this influence. “Mental Destruction” is a song about a person that gets to his lowest point in life as he is very sad and he feels that his life is no longer worth living as the sense of despair overwhelms him. Most of us have met people like this and it is no fun to have all of your dreams crash to the ground. “Mosh in the Hall” is one of those songs that’s lyrically self-explanatory as this album ends with a kind of finish that not all albums can have.

"Thrashwall" Full Album

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