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Review of the Album "Thrash Metal" by Norwegian Band Blood Tsunami

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About "Thrash Metal" and the Band Members That Play On the Album

Genre: melodic thrash metal with harsh vocals

Band members that play on “Thrash Metal”

  • Peter Michael Kolstad Vegem: lead vocals and guitars
  • Kristoffer Sorensen: backing vocals and guitars
  • Pete Bostrom: bass and backing vocals (Pete is originally from Sweden)
  • Bard Guldvik Eithun: drums

A Brief Comment About "Thrash Metal" and the Band Blood Tsunami

By the name of this band, some of you might think that this is some cheesy death metal band. Actually, Blood Tsunami is a thrash metal band from Norway that has been active since 2004. Their debut album released in 2007 is called Thrash Metal. That is a pretty basic title that probably wouldn’t catch the attention of the majority of listeners of the genre. The only quality that really deserves criticism is that the vocals are a bit high and difficult to understand. Otherwise, the melody is present in this album and it is a better album than Sepultura’s Morbid Visions even the lyrical content is similar.

Say Hello to One of the Best Norwegian Metal Bands

We will say that Norway has joined so many other nations worldwide in expanding the thrash metal phenomenon worldwide. Songs such as “Torn Apart” remind of me of late 1980s and early 1990s Slayer with a touch of T.O.C. in the mix. Norway isn’t just a nation for black or death metal anymore. Blood Tsunami is part of the growing new wave of thrash metal. New wave means any thrash metal band formed in the 2000s or later I would say.


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About the Songs in "Thrash Metal"

The album’s opening song “Evil Unleashed” is a combination of The Haunted and Slayer influence. The thing that these guys unleashed with this song is speed and harsh vocals. “Let Blood Rain” begins with a harsh scream as the vocals actually resemble that of Taneli Kijunen formerly of Throne of Chaos, a band that we mentioned earlier in this review. In spite of the lyrical content, these Norwegians really know how to play as the main riff section of this second song demonstrates. With the disbandment of Throne of Chaos, Norway’s Blood Tsunami kind of picks up the slack and they are able to keep the tradition of very good Scandinavian metal bands going although Finland technically isn’t a part of Scandinavia. One song on this 8 song album that really deserves attention is the 10 minute plus instrumental song “Godbeater” Don’t let the song’s title deceive you because it is really an instrumental song worth checking out. The influences on this one include Diamond Head, Sacred Reich, and Metallica to a degree. Normally, instrumentals that are this long do have a tendency to get boring or uninspiring but not this one.

Analysis of the Song "Godbeater" Continued

From the way that this song begins, at first it may seem like it is a standard long instrumental song written by a group of men that just want to play heavy guitars. The beginning early section is heavy and resembles Diamond Head. Then the song sort of switches to something that would be present on a melodic death metal album but it is still good.

"Evil Unleashed"

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