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Review of the Album "The Wolves Are Getting Hungry" by Italian Thrash Metal Band Hyades

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Hyades Is Like Italy's Version of the Band Exodus

The Wolves Are Getting Hungry is the 2015 studio album by Italian thrash metal band Hyades and this album is full of politically based lyrical themes, very aggressive vocals and an album that is built on a foundation of sounding like the band Exodus. Even the way in which the bass guitar is played is a giveaway clue that these Italian guys are largely influenced by those Bay Area legends. However, this album doesn’t really have anything that is new or original in terms of the thrash metal genre. Hyades has been around since 1996 but they did not release their debut album until 2005.

What the Album's Title May Be Referring To

The Wolves Are Getting Hungry might as well be a sort of metaphor to point out who the hungry party really is. The elites in the developed countries want to control the resources, control the finances, and control the narrative showing who is really in charge of the world. One of the ways in which the global elites want to control the world is to make warfare like a business which it kind of is. “The Apostles of War” lyrically is about the negative effects of warfare and colonialism as these policies are pursued by citing business interests. Is the world that we are building on just an empire of dirt as the song claims?

Further Commentary About the Album's Musical Influences and Style

Think of this album being a politically based lyrical album that sounds like Exodus and Testament and you get Hyades. The manner in which the 4th studio album of Hyades begins, it is heavy metal on an aggression level musically not seen since maybe Exodus so in other words, this heaviness is brutal. This is not to say that Hyades is totally an Exodus clone but the heaviness is more than likely influenced by them. I can sense that there is plenty of anger and frustration expressed in this album and lyrically it is possible to detect that this anger is directed towards the elite of various countries that control the political and economic forces that keep many of us frustrated. “Ignorance is No Excuse” is another really angry, heavy thrash song that gets a great point across. It is not a good thing to be ignorant and the song is also trying to point out that because of human greed and selfishness, they have really messed up the world and some people have become very cynical. The title track also lyrically discusses something similar to the second song. Lyrically, the song is trying to say that the same kinds of people take power as the faith in humanity is lost by some people that have given up on the system of their country. The song is also expressing dissatisfaction with the voting process stating basically that public participation has become a lie and that it doesn’t amount to anything.

Final Thoughts About the Album The Wolves Are Getting Hungry

Listening to this musical work by these Italians, this is thrash metal that is not really innovative and offers something not too dramatically different than what the band Exodus does. Whether this is a good or bad thing depends on your preferences. If you want to listen to thrash metal that is more innovative and or creative, this album will not meet your expectations. If on the other hand, you are a fan of modern Exodus albums then this one is just the one that you should listen to. The other aspect of this album that isn’t innovative either are the lyrical themes because the lyrical themes in this album cover the usual lyrical themes such as the effects of excess war, political corruption, economic inequality, and other similar themes. This album is not a poor musical effort by any means. It is just that it does not have that elite factor or the feeling that you will be overly amazed by the songs because they are flawless or something like that. The vocals are aggressive and suitable for thrash metal without being too forced or too over the top.

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