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Review of the Album "The Ultimate Incantation" by Vader

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So Much More Than Just Standard Death Metal is Present on The Ultimate Incantation

The Ultimate Incantation is the 1992 debut album by Polish death and or thrash metal band Vader. Being a fan of this band since 2021 and having partially heard Black to the Blind, I ended up discovering their debut album without actually consciously intending to. This debut has more of an earlier death metal feel to it and even more so than De Profundis does. There is a very heavy noticeable feel of blast beat style drumming and the vocals are harsh enough to resemble that of Napalm Death. However, in terms of the overall creativity, this is far more than just your standard death metal and one reason is because of the tapping lead guitar parts. These guys aren’t just a heavy band that pounds your ears with heavy blast beats and riffs. There is a very fast riffing style in this album but the album isn’t just about speed. Vader in this album uses a mishmash of vocal and or creative influences. But being one of the earliest death metal bands in the scene they may very well have influenced bands such as Cannibal Corpse.

"Dark Age"

About the Vocals and the Drumming in Vader's Debut Album

The vocals sometimes can remind you of a Chris Barnes and or David Vincent style. The drummer that was known by his nickname or stage name of “Doc” (Krzysztof Raczkowski) passed away in 2005 but his drumming really fits the style of this early death metal album. The vocals are not as harsh as Mark “Barney” Greenway but they are definitely of a death metal style sometimes like Bolt Thrower.


About the Songs in The Ultimate Incantation

The album though has a dark, somber beginning to it with the track called “Creation (Intro).” It sounds like the wind is blowing and then we are treated to the next track which is a full song called “Dark Age.” The solo is kind of a black metal feel similar to that of Mercyful Fate. “Demon’s Wind” after a superb slower section really speeds up as the song lyrically is about a world surrounded by demons as they make it hard on those that are still living beings. The song slowly ends with guitars that have the lead feedback kind of noise. “Breath of Centuries” is a song that makes reference to what happens in a world where people become obsessed with horrible thoughts. These thoughts destroy their minds.

Final Thoughts About Vader's First Album as of This First Writing

Looking back at this album even though I got into Vader’s music rather late, the approach to it musically puts it out of the realm of just regular death metal and makes it something more than that. You can think of this album as a death and thrash metal hybrid though it is more of a death metal release in the musical sense just because it has that kind of sound combined with touches of exotic sounding black metal. There are also songs such as “Vicious Circle” which have more of a Slayer style beginning because of the drumming style but then it slowly turns into a 1990s style death metal song. Vader has done better than this album as I may give the edge to their second album which would come three years later. But this debut is a good start for one of Poland’s best early heavy bands and they would only get better.

"Vicious Circle"

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