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Review of the Album "The Third Attack" by German Thrash Metal Band Ravager

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A Thrash Metal Album With an Appropriate Title?

The Third Attack as it may or may not be appropriately titled is the 3rd studio album by Germany’s Ravager and they live up to their band name because they provide the proper kind of raging vocals along with the riffing and melodies. “Planet Hate” is the second song and lyrically it is about living in a world that is full of all the negative vices known to mankind such as death, chaos, and destruction.

A Special Comment About Germany's Ravager

Ravager may not be as creative as their earlier German thrash metal counterparts Kreator but in terms of the vocals they have taken it up a notch and they are the right kind of band to represent the new wave of thrash metal bands coming into the scene. Welcome to the thrash metal show that is presented on this third album!


About the Lyrical Content and the Type of Person That Would Enjoy the Album

Lyrically though these guys aren’t much different from other thrash metal bands of the genre such as Kreator. It seems like every album review involves mentioning that older German band but we are doing so for analytical purposes. One example of this lyrical similarity is the song called “A Plague is Born.” Yes, such songs have been written about something like this so many times that it has been re-done over and over. Nonetheless, if you enjoy being able to sit through albums in which the riffs are done at fast or breakneck speeds, this album is no different than albums of this type in a general sense.

More Analysis of the Album The Third Attack

Then with the song “Beyond Reality” the pace slows down for the first 1/3 of the song or so before speeding up otherwise it wouldn’t really be thrash metal would it? “My Own Worst Enemy” is a song that lyrically is about a person that knows that his own worst enemy is not other people but himself because he has a very bad self-esteem problem. Listening to this album the second time through has me convinced that it is quite an enjoyable listen. The vocals are pretty easy to understand for the most part in spite of the raspy shouting. Phillip doesn’t try to overdo or strain himself which contributes to being able to hear what is being said. What is present on this album is a mixture of old-school metal such as Judas Priest’s Painkiller as well as modern metal and thrash and what you get is another German band that knows how to put into motion their brand of thrash metal.

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The Third Attack Final Thoughts and Analysis

This third offering from these Germans starts off with a short, heavy instrumental song called “Intruders” and these guys are certainly not the first German metal band to start off with an instrumental song in the beginning of an album. They just want to show that this is just a preview of what’s to come and the melody kicks in near the end. Ravager in spite of their band name does not create metal music that is chaotic and makes no sense. Instead, they create a brand of both older and modern metal that is melodic as well. “Back to the Real World” is a song that tells us that we should relax, sit back and enjoy life. The song also tells us to live your dream, make it real, and make that dream of yours happen. These guys do want to inject some humor into their music as well and they say “welcome to the show!” This is more than just a show though. It is thrash metal that heavy and hard-hitting that soothes the soul for a thrash metal lover even if that sounds funny to some people. Germany does much more than make delicious sausage or produce talented athletes. They also create fine thrash metal pretty much every year. Ravager are a group of guys in a good position to assume the torch in terms of carrying thrash metal forward in a great direction.

"Back to the Real World"

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