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Review of the Album "The Negation" by Polish Technical Death Metal Band Decapitated

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Introduction to the Album "The Negation"

The Negation is the 3rd studio album by Polish technical death metal band Decapitated and it was released in 2004. It follows pretty much the same style that the previous album Nihility has. Being a fan of Polish technical death metal, I knew that I had to dive deeper into the discography of this Polish band. The double bass drums that is so much a part of this sub-genre is heard too as well. Sometimes when an album is just over 30 minutes long it can be good such as when we are listening to something so heavy and technical. The vocals are very much in the style of later Hatesphere albums while there is still that harsh, guttural aspect to them as well. The Negation is also the last studio album to feature the vocalist who goes by the name of Sauron.

How the Album "The Negation" Begins

The album begins with interestingly enough, the song called “The Fury” which has those blast beat kind of drums that this death metal sub-genre is known for. The song lyrically is similar to the type of songs that are in this sub-genre. “Three-Dimensional Defect” is the next song and it continues the blast beat drum style and this one may be even heavier than the first song. Lyrically the song is about what happens after the death of a human being. They get exposed to the next level of consciousness.

The Biggest Weak Point About "The Negation"

There is however, one glaring, obvious weak point in this album and that is the short track called ”The Calling.” It is just over a minute of what sounds like an alarm combined with some atmospheric sounds. This is one of those tracks that is out of place even on an album such as this one.

"The Negation" Song Only

A Brief Analysis of "The Negation"

“The Fury” is one of those songs that has the start of a sort of suspenseful song, almost as if someone is walking up the steps of a haunted house only to be greeted by a monster. There is no question about the heaviness of the riffs in this album. However, The Negation is not nearly as good of an album as 2002’s Nihility because the riffs are either not as well thought out or exotic enough. The riffs are in the style of technical death metal so in terms of these Polish guys following the standard of the genre there is no disappointment there. The album lyrically focuses on such themes as death, and various human vices or flaws such as deception, the negative aspects of the human race and other such themes. There are songs such as the one called “Sensual Sickness” which are not much different than Cannibal Corpse because of the sort of exotic secondary riff and the main riff being technical and brutal at the same time.

However, there is not quite enough of that “musical hook” factor in this album for it to be as good as their previous work but it is decent for those fans of technical death metal. This is still a better album than anything Deicide or some of those other earlier bands of the genre have released.

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