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Review of the Album "The Lurking Evil" by Nattmaran

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About the Band Nattmaran and Their Musical Style

Today we take a look at an album that has been released by the band Nattmaran. Nattmaran is a band that is like an international thrash metal project featuring band members from three different nations for the sake of spreading the goodness of the thrash metal worldwide. In spite of the album’s title or the band’s name, there is nothing remotely nightmarish that I can detect either about the riffing or the musical style. Though the screeching vocals do sound a bit like Dimmu Borgir though. Nattmaran is a band that goes back only a few years to 2017 when they were then performing under the name of Unholy Tenebris from 2017 to 2020 before they changed their band’s name to Nattmaran. On a side note, Finntroll has an album called Nattfodd but I know I may be digressing a bit here.

About the Members That Perform on the Album The Lurking Evil

This project which began initially as a black metal collaboration was worked on with Swedish guitarist Michael Lang and Indonesian vocalist Yoga Beges. Doing the drums is Japanese born Koji Sawada. So we have members from Indonesia, Sweden, and Japan working on a new musical project with the objective of playing thrash metal.

"Beauty in Chaos"

"The Lurking Evil" Album Analysis

Even though the style of the music is called blackened speed metal with devilish rock n roll, I would say that the style of this album is Dimmu Borgier style vocals combined with modern rock and metal. Think of this album as a sort of Judas Priest influenced metal album without the Rob Halford style vocals but rather a more screeching type of vocals. The most challenging aspect to get used to is the vocals for sure. “Beauty in Chaos” sounds like something we would have heard from the band Witchery. There is no superb beauty in this first song though the riffing is at least respectable. Though there was one user on YouTube that did mention that this is one example of why we shouldn’t judge an album by its cover. “Die You Will” which is the 5th song of this album has that feel of early 1980s Judas Priest (Screaming for Vengeance). It is possible to notice this just by listening to the main guitar riff. This review is not being written to compare these guys to Judas Priest but to try and get as deep of a perspective and analysis as possible. Even some of the guitar solos on this album do resemble those of Judas Priest too. As we go through multiple listens of this album, it becomes more apparent that the style is speed metal with a black metal influence combined with a devilish rock n roll. It is not quite like the band Gandalf though. Although The Lurking Evil is an album with good and decent guitar riffing, the riffs are average at best and the vocals could certainly have been much better. If you are a fan of speed metal or black metal, make sure you listen to better albums before you listen to this one.


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