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Review of the Album "The Golden Ratio" by Swedish Pop and Techno Band Ace of Base

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The Golden Ratio is the First Ace of Base Album Without Half of the Original Lineup

Swedish pop and techno band Ace of Base really got to the peak of their popularity in the early 1990’s with their debut album The Sign. I have covered their career since that album and I have been a fan of theirs since 1993. Their 2010 album “The Golden Ratio” is their first studio album without former vocalists Linn and Jenny Berggren. Replacing them on vocals are Clara Hagman and Julia Williamson.

The Golden Ratio Front Album Cover


The Songs Blah, Blah, Blah On the Radio and The Golden Ratio

Blah, Blah, Blah, on the Radio is a song about someone that has just broken up with her boyfriend and she is sitting in her car and tired of having to face broken dreams. She wants to listen to some music to bring her spirits up. There is a title track The Golden Ratio that is a song that is about a woman that encourages a man to listen to his heart and fall in love with her. She feels so enchanted by his love that she is dying for his affection. She is convinced that he is her golden ratio the one that she should spend the rest of her life with.

The Golden Ratio Review Continued

Will she ever discover her life’s purpose? However, I have the feeling that The Golden Ratio is not as inspiring as The Sign, The Bridge, or Cruel Summer. The same energetic catchy beats that we heard in those albums are not here in the same degree. Southern California is a song that lyrically is about a person that wants to escape from their mundane existence so they make that journey to sunny Southern California. This region of the United States attracts a lot of people that have dreams of making it really big as a movie star and others relocate to the area for its warm, mild climate. Black Sea is a song about the fact that some people desire to have freedom and when they don’t find that freedom, they head east in search of that freedom that they seek. One Day is a song about someone that is convinced that it takes only one day for them to get that love that they once had. A Vision in Blue is a decent song about a woman that is alone by night and she is convinced that there is someone in the room that is the right person for her.

"Who Am I"

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"All For You" Official Music Video

How Good is The Golden Ratio Overall?

Overall, "The Golden Ratio" is a decent pop and techno album that has lots of love and relationship tunes but the thing is that it is clear that Ace of Base is not the same band without Linn and Jenny Berggren.

Final score as of this first writing: 75 out of 100 points thus making it Ace of Base’s weakest album musically but if you are a fan of the group and you really enjoy the group’s other albums, then you can listen to this one after you have heard all of those.

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