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Review of the Album "the End Complete" by Florida’s Death Metal Band Obituary

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This is the Album That Got This Band Into Elite Status Among Some Fans and Experts

Obituary, one of the pioneering and influential bands of the Florida death metal scene is kind of challenging to get into but once you are into their music it becomes manageable. Their 3rd studio album The End Complete is considered their best-selling album. Listening to John Tardy’s voice now in 2021, I get a slightly different perspective than before. He certainly isn’t as bad of a vocalist as I had thought before. The End Complete is considered this Florida band’s most successful album to date selling over 100,000 copies in the U.S. and over a quarter million worldwide.

It is a weird listen at first for some fans. It is hard to explain why this is the case but this album in particular from Obituary’s discography feels like it is hard to adjust to at first. If you analyze the band Obituary’s music as an acquired taste, that sentiment may be shared by other fans of the genre as well.

About the Songwriting and Lyrics of This 1992 Album

The way that this album begins with the song “I’m in Pain” with the feedback noise followed by a loud grunt, those two qualities set in motion for how the song is. It is not a painful listen for the ears. In fact, it feels like the opposite of that. It turns out to be a decent early death metal song but in no way can it compare to songs found on other special death metal albums. Obituary’s lyrical content is one of the cons as it focuses too much on nihilism and the worst case scenarios. While some fans may not mind this too much, as an experienced listener of the genre, I would say that lyrical content should be sophisticated enough so the fan can walk away from the music having learned something. That’s not to say that this album is a complete mess of sorts. On the contrary, the album does a decent job of sticking to the style death metal that was common at the time which would be the years 1990 to about 1994 or so. “In the End of Life” is one of those slower death metal songs as it gradually slows down for a bit before the song returns to its usual tempo.

"I'm in Pain"

Final Thoughts Regarding Obituary's Best-Selling Album

The End Complete is certainly not a metal album that is worthy of being Obituary’s best-seller. The riffs in the album are not quite up to par with what would be considered excellent though even excellence in music is subjective. Sure, there are fast lead guitars in this album which were part of that time period. Also, the album’s title may have been more appropriate if the band were releasing their final studio album and telling their fans farewell. But I guess the band was trying to make us aware that one day the world would end due to human evil and greed.

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