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Review of the Album "The Beast" by Polish Death Metal Band Vader

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The First Vader Studio Album Without Their Original Drummer

The Beast released in 2004 is the 6th studio album by Polish death and thrash metal band Vader and it is the first studio album to not have original drummer “Doc” (his nickname) performing the drums. “Doc” was supposed to be the drummer on this album when recording sessions were to take place but due to injuries that he would sustain upon falling down a flight of stairs, the band decided that he had to leave. It makes little difference who the drummer is on this album because the songs are more melodic and of better quality compared to just two years earlier when Revelations was released. The Beasthas more of a thrash metal feel in some instances and it even has a clean vocal part by Peter.

Don’t allow the intro of this album to fool you. What follows after that black metal style introduction is the very good song “Out of the Deep.” The vocals by Piotr (his Polish name) are more audible as he does a good job on the chorus.

Peter (Piotr Wiwczarek ) Talks About the Recording Process for The Beast

Peter even admitted trying to make The Beast a more melodic album compared to the previous one and that is what results from a finished product such as this album even though recording sessions were initially delayed due to Doc’s injuries.

"The Sea Came in At Last"

Is The Beast Vader's Strongest Studio Album Up to That Point in Time?

If Vader were a bunch of guys that had started a bakery shop, their pastries and cakes would have been of excellent quality. The zone is here as Peter says in that song, the zone of even better for these Polish guys. That riff construction sounds like more of thrash metal song even if the vocals are of the death metal style.

The Beast is an album that as advertised is a monstrosity of a disk due to the melodies and riffing. 21 years into their career at this point, Vader kicked out their original drummer but lost nothing in terms of songwriting greatness and managed to be at their peak musically at least at this point. As of this writing, I have heard little of their newer material (2016 and later) but as of this point, The Beast is certainly not an album you would want to skip over even if you are just getting acquainted with this band’s music. One factor that makes this 2004 release memorable is also because it sees Vader experiment musically with something that you would not have seen them do prior to this point. The melodic death metal influenced song “The Sea Came in At Last” sees Peter do clean vocals as the song is about the sea coming to claim what is rightfully hers as there is a flood that supposedly is supposed to wash away all sorrows and pain.

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"The Zone"

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