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Review of the Album "The Antichrist" by German Thrash Metal Band Destruction

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The Antichrist Is An Album That Continues The Solid Nature of This German Band's Previous Album

German thrash metal band’s 7th full length studio album The Antichrist released in 2001 should not be underestimated in spite of its title. Lyrically, it is similar to their previous album All Hell Breaks Loose. For how quickly these guys returned to the studio to record an album, the result is, well, pretty darn decent. Their German counterparts Kreator would end up releasing an album with a similar title.

Some Strong Songs In This Album Include

Dictators of Cruelty is a song that has a style vocally similar to Kreator and Mille Petrozza as well. Given what was going on in the world at the time, lyrically the album matches the time period in world history as well. There’s a few really good songs to start off this album such as “Thrash Til Death,” Nailed to the Cross and Bullets from Hell to name a few. Yes, these guys will play thrash metal until they retire so the second song really describes what their objectives are. In particular, Thrash Til Death has a section that sounds like a better version of the songs "FFF" and "She Wolf."

"Days of Confusion"

"The Antichrist" Is a Very Mature Musical Release

Yes, Germany’s Destruction does use speed in their guitar playing very well, but also their choruses are something to be appreciated as well. The mentioned 5th song in this album is something that we would have heard way back in the 1980s but the difference would be that the sound back then was much rawer. This 2001 studio album by one of Germany’s most prominent thrash metal bands shows that they have matured and their vocals though not being like a 100% screech kind of style, they fit the songwriting on the album. The Antichrist is also the second and last album to feature the contributions of drummer Sven Vormann who would depart after the release of this album. As of 2022 the only member in the history of this band to have played on all the albums of the band Destruction is guitarist Mike Sifringer who would depart in 2021.

"Thrash Til Death"

Is The Antichrist the Musical Peal for This Band? Hard to Say

The guitar work on this album is sharp as can be. This album was released at the right time in the history of thrash metal and it also saw the band Destruction continuing on their path of dominance in the German thrash metal scene. The vocals may sound somewhat like Steve Souza but they may be slightly better. If this album had been released in the 1980s, the sound would have been dramatically different and it may have been seen as an album that was way ahead of its time. This means that it more than likely would have been one of those thrash metal albums that would have revolutionized the genre. There is also a cover performance of the Metallica song “Whiplash” on this album. Most of us would agree that this is an excellent choice of a song to cover to end an album that deserves the highest praise. You could probably choose between this album and the previous one and consider it the two best albums in the history of this band and you wouldn’t be disappointed. In spite of the band’s name, this band has created thrash metal of the finest quality even among German thrash metal bands considering there are so many quality bands from Germany in this sub-genre. The riffs are aggressive in nature just like another veteran thrash metal band. That band is Tankard which came into the scene at roughly the same time that these guys did (1982). But instead of having lyrical themes about mainly beer and partying, these guys have lyrics that focus on mostly real life problems that people face. Is 2001 the year that this German band reached its peak? That is difficult to say with certainty unless you are one of those people that listened to their albums multiple times and are like a thrash metal connoisseur or specialist. The choruses in the songs are uttered with pretty good efficiency and that’s another encouraging aspect of the album. The Antichrist is an album that has melody in it just like Kreator and it has the rage filled riffs and lyrics that a thrash metal album would have. However the album is not just about a bunch of fast riffs put together to construct a metal album.

Final Rating of The Antichrist as of this writing: a tough call but it deserves no less than 92 points out of 100 for its solid songs, riff style, and consistency.

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