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Review of the Mini Album "the Aftermath" by French Thrash Metal Band Blackened

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About the Thrash Metal Band Blackened From Paris, France and the Album The Aftermath

Here we go with an album review of yet another thrash metal band from the great nation of France and what we have here is a review of the mini album called "The Aftermath” by Paris France band Blackened that has vocals which greatly resemble Holy Moses from their Strength Power Will Passion days and Sabina Classen would be really proud of these vocals for sure! It is logical to see why this album would be a mini album because it has only seven songs which in most cases is not enough for an album like this to be considered a full-length album. But minor details aside, what you will hear on this album is some VERY heavy thrash metal that also has the main quality of relentless speed.

A Reason to Give This Band Blackened a Chance

These guys are from Paris and they take thrash to a new level of extreme. But this is a good kind of extreme, and different from extreme metal bands from 25 years ago in the sense that these guys won’t make you feel sick to your stomach. Instead, Blackened offer a good brand of death/thrash metal that has technicality and musicianship that is pretty good.

The Album Has Florida Death Metal & Metallica Influences In It

“Dead End” in particular takes speed to a new level as there some to be endless shouts of the word war. There is a possibility that these guys got their band name from Metallica but what we have here is thrash metal that would have left the early thrash metal bands wondering how any band could get so heavy and extreme and make it sound so good. The song we have discussed so far makes reference to the survival of the fittest which basically means that those that have the best genes will survive this rough world. “The Aftermath” starts in a different fashion, sounding like the band Obituary, except the riffs are better, matching the pace of the song. There is a slow progression as the song builds up into a quite heavy mid-tempo kind of thrash song as there are the words “end of time” uttered in the song. The song also makes reference to the huge number of people that were killed during the Holocaust. Those who survived the onslaughts were living underground. The band’s quality gets enhanced as in this song there is a riff section that reminds me of early Florida death metal influenced by the late great Chuck Schuldiner of course.

"The Aftermath" Full Mini Album

The Aftermath Album Analysis Continued

The album begins with a short track that has the sound of some screams and there is a chaotic situation that is going on. And then, comes the very fast song called Empowered. The song is influenced by Holy Moses songs such as End of Time. You can think of Paris France’s Blackened as the modern French version of Holy Moses but these guys still have a long way to go to prove themselves. For those of you that are into the French death and thrash metal scene, Agressor or Loudblast may be two bands to check out. If you are into the more modern metal bands then this band Blackened is a good one to check out. The second song has a creative supporting riff which is hard to describe in words but it is not like Slayer. “A Haunting Night” is a song that lyrically is a call to free us from a horrible night because we may have been cursed by some evil force. The more that you listen to the song Empowered, you will hear that this thrash metal song is modern and melodic as well. The song has a riff in one of the sections that is similar to but not the same as the song called End of Time. It takes very good listening skills to be able to notice this musical quality.

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Final Thoughts About the Album "The Aftermath"

The song Twisted Mind ends this seven-song mini album and so far, what you have witnessed is a thrash metal band that is not ashamed of using speed and aggression to show that they can create thrash metal that works. The song lyrically is about how someone spends their last days on Earth being tortured as they leave the planet. Even so, don’t let the album scare you for this is not as extreme as you might assume. Yes, the vocals are of a very rough and brutal nature but at least the lyrics are not as gruesome as Cannibal Corpse. There are several thrash metal bands out there with very rough vocals like this but European bands have that uncanny ability to create solid thrash metal albums year after year like this and we can add the name of the band Blackened to the list of growing European thrash metal bands. The Aftermath is the only album that this band had released prior to 2022 but this is a promising start.

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