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Review of the Album "Tapping the Vein" by Germany’s Sodom

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A musician tapping the strings of this instrument.

A musician tapping the strings of this instrument.

Tapping the Vein Represents a Style Change for the Band Sodom

Tapping the Vein is the 5th studio album by Germany’s thrash metal veterans Sodom released in 1992 and this one has a sort of style change for those of you that can notice it. Even though the speed and heaviness is still present, the vocals by Tom Angelripper are more of a death metal style and that is the major difference for these guys by this point in their careers. Tapping the Vein would also be the last album to have the play of Chris Witchhunter also known as Christian Dudek who died in 2008.


This Album is Still Thrash Metal

Stylistically, Tapping the Vein is still very much a thrash metal sounding release. The only quality that is different is that Thomas’s vocals are more in the death metal style for much of the album with some hardcore style shouts but not much. Sodom changed their style for this album without making a total 360 degree departure from thrash metal. There are tapping lead guitar parts in this album so Tapping the Vein may be an appropriate album title for this album. It still has that raw sound to it that you would have heard from thrash metal albums of the previous decade. With this 5th release, Sodom still sticks to their roots of thrash metal while using more of a raw sound and mostly death metal vocals. Tapping the Vein is not the strongest album from these German guys but it is decent for a thrash metal album made in the 1990s.

The Significance of the First Song Body Parts

The album though starts in a fast and furious way with the song “Body Parts.” The song is lyrically about the advances of technology but also the fact that organ donation has become a corrupt business venture of sorts as there is much money made off of this as unknown victims are left to die. Technology has its pluses and minuses and this album addressed those possibilities at a time when we were in a brand new decade before the rise and development of the technological things that many of us use today. Yes, with technology anything is possible however, there have been people that have used that technology for sinister purposes.

“Tapping the Vein” the title track of the album is one of the slower songs in this album with the bass guitar that is audible for sure. The song then speeds up as the drum cymbals can be heard as well. This is not an attempt by Sodom to sell out at all. Just because this album doesn’t sound like the traditional kind of thrash metal album does not make it a mainstream sounding album at all. On the contrary, the album is still hard-hitting with those aggressive riffs and lyrics about being in war in songs such as “Back to War” and the very fast as heck “Hunting Season” which is lyrically about trying to survive by neutralizing the enemy.

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