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Review of the Album "Tales of Terror" by Kraken Thrash Metal Band from Lima, Peru

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Thrash Metal in Peru? Yes, There is

Tales of Terror is the 2021 debut album by Kraken, a band from Lima, Peru. That’s right, these guys are from Peru and they released their debut 32 years after forming but it is not when you release your debut album that counts. It is the finished product that matters much more.

Even Kraken is Influenced by the Band Kreator

Beginning the album is the very impressive song “Diablo” which starts with taps of the electric guitar along with the types of sound that you would hear during a thunderstorm. The main riff resembles Kreator in style. At this point, it is fair to assume which bands aren’t influenced by those Germans. That sort of influence is becoming so common these days. Then the mid-section really speeds up creating a very promising start to this album. Whatever these guys were doing prior to releasing their debut 32 years after they formed, it certainly worked out.

About the Songwriting in Tales of Terror

Stylistically, these guys have influences ranging from Kreator to Slayer among others. There is a chance that Peru may become a kind of hotbed for thrash metal music. Thrash metal has become a worldwide musical product that is slowly but surely making its growth aware to people such as myself. Then there are the really fast songs such as “Knife Man” that may either leave you impressed or you may not like it too much. It just depends on your tastes in music. The way that the vocals sound, this album could be considered a death and thrash metal sort of musical hybrid. Speaking of the vocals, in the 3rd song called “Rise” they are of a rougher and hoarser style than the rest of the album. Really, the only quality that deserves real criticism about this album is the raspy and hard to understand vocals. Otherwise, the songwriting is pretty darn good.

The title track here is also an instrumental song in this album with the title of “Kraken” the band’s name. This one is a mix of Kreator plus modern Metallica influence for the most part. Songs such as “The Wandering Avenger” have vocals that sound like the Finnish thrash metal band Wherevictimslie (yes that is how the name of this band is spelled). In other words, Kraken could be considered one of those metal bands that is obscure in a way. It is safe to assume or say that thrash metal has prevailed for Peru’s Kraken.

Final Thoughts About this Debut from Peru's Kraken

Although Kraken is just one example of a metal band from South America, they have become part of this new wave of thrash metal which by now has expanded far beyond just Europe and the United States. These Peruvian guys have picked up quite a bit of knowledge and skills as the melody present in their debut album shows this. As part of their skill set, songs such as “The Quest” have a very melodic mid-section that shows that there is that Teutonic thrash metal influence that is indeed modern.

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