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Review of the Album "Tales of Creation" by Candlemass

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A Concept Album Defines the 4th Release by Candlemass

Tales of Creation is the 1989 studio album by Swedish doom metal band Candlemass and this album further explores the varied musical approach by these Swedish guys. This one is a concept album about a man that falls asleep under an oak tree and dreams about the journey of life. It is often said that life is a journey and not a destination. Candlemass have shown me to be a very creative kind of doom metal band because of how they experiment musically and try to diversify things. Tales of Creation is no exception as this one starts with a very well-played introductory song called “The Prophecy.” This album was also the last one to feature Messiah Marcolin on vocals until he would make his return 15 years later. Even though I had heard of Candlemass many years prior, I had not started really listening to their material until 2021. It is hard to believe I know.

There is also another version of the song “Under the Oak” which is originally on the band’s debut album. If there was a very standout way for Candlemass to finish off the decade of the 1980s they did it with this release.

This is in spite of the fact that two of the tracks are too short to even be considered songs. The first of these is the 14 second narrated “Voices in the Wind” which is basically about how each of the directions on a compass are described. The East is the direction in which the man’s fate awaits him. The 25 second track called “Dawn” is about the man seeing that he has remembered his strange dreams but that he has enough love and strength in his heart to create a good path for his life. He feels like he is reborn.

However, something would be totally remiss or out of the equation if we did not mention the neoclassical influenced instrumental song called “Into the Unfathomed Tower.” There is a good chance that these guys may have been influenced in some way by the great Yngwie J. Malmsteen as the tapping guitars further enhance what is already an outstanding song. Candlemass has been one of the artists of my choice recently to listen to and they are a good group of guys to listen to if you need a mood enhancer.

"Voices in the Wind"

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Final Thoughts About the Last Candlemass Album of the 1980s

It goes without saying that the vocals are once again of the very powerful variety and Candlemass is on the edge of massive success with this album. Instead of saying edge of heaven like that song goes with that chorus, Candlemass is on the edge of success at the least and they actually have had four out of four great albums to start a career which is the best way to begin a career.

"Into the Unfathomed Tower"

Favorite Candlemass Album of Their First Four

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