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Review of the Album "Taken by Force" by German Rock Band Scorpions

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Why Taken By Force Is a Famous Album

Taken by Force is the 1977 studio album by German rock band Scorpions and it is the follow up album to Virgin Killer. Taken by Force is famous for having the song “The Sails of Charon” a song which was covered by the guitarist Yngwie J. Malmsteen in 1996 on the album called Inspiration. The original version of this song is great too even though it does not have the extended lead guitar sections. This is the last studio album to have Uli Jon Roth as one of the guitar players before he would leave in 1978. He left the band with a flourish and on a very high note.

Taken by Force is another one of those albums in which the album’s cover came under controversy and was once again replaced in most markets with an alternative album cover.

With this album. Scorpions show that they were one of the best rock bands at the time in the 1970s. They had a certain creativity and skill set that other bands at the time such as Judas Priest did not have. This review isn’t meant to be critical of other bands but Scorpions had a level of songwriting which was tough to match. Taken by Force is just that; a force in terms of hard rock albums especially at that time. My first exposure to this band was 1993’s Face the Heat and that one is definitely really good. The sound quality of the album does sound like albums that had that early sound to them but the technology at that time of December 1977 was the best they could have done for that time period. With that older technology, Scorpions still came up with what is one of their best albums ever and the greatness of this album is increased by “The Sails of Charon.”

“Steamrock Fever” is the song that starts off what is a simplistic guitar style for the times and this is true for the most part. The vocals are melodic especially for that time.

“The Riot of Your Time” has a lyrical reference to Elvis Presley who died in 1977 and he was considered the first king of rock music. Although the band does not mention Elvis by name I can tell that he is who they are referring to.

"The Sails of Charon" Music Video

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Analysis of the Song "The Sails of Charon"

It would be a disservice if we did not take a look back at this song because it builds up into what is one of the heaviest songs for that time. However, Klaus Meine does not extend his voice in the part where he says “ahhhh” quite as long as Mark Boals did years later when Yngwie J. Malmsteen covered the song.

"Your Light"

Final Thoughts About An Album That May Be Overlooked

“Your Light” is a song that might be referring to that thing that is always by your side, ready to help you when you feel lost and low. The song may be referring to GOD or the Universe. In spite of the controversy that the original album cover created, Taken by Force is still one of the finest hard rock albums in the history of the genre and the very heavy song “He’s a Woman – She’s a Man” only strengthens this album. If you are a fan or hard rock in its early stages this is one of those albums that has stood the test of time.

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