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Review of the Album "Take the World" by Mexican Thrash Metal Band Tulkas

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About the Band Tulkas & the Title Track "Take the World"

Tulkas is another band that I got into just in the last few days! This thrash metal band hails from Queretaro, Mexico and the lead guitar work is pretty good as we hear some heavy thrash metal with a vocalist that has a heavy accent. The title track Take the World lyrically is about taking control of the world for sometimes selfish purposes. Do some people feel like they don’t belong in the world? That’s a philosophical approach to a very deep subject. What follows is a review and analysis of their second full length album called "Take the World" released in 2018.

A Few Cons About the Album Take the World Are...

Mexico normally is one of those countries that most people don’t even associate with heavy metal, much less thrash metal. Although the approach with the speed is a good effort, the accent on the vocals makes it really hard to understand what is being said. The style of the riffing greatly resembles Sweden’s The Haunted which is not a bad thing. However, it gets to a point where the thrash metal offered on here may get stale and generic.

Take the World Album Review & Analysis

In the song “Faith Goes Blind” we hear some lead guitar work that the late Chuck Schuldiner would have been very proud of. It takes a person with a very gifted ear for music to be able to notice qualities like this in heavy metal songs. This is obviously modern sounding thrash metal, having been released in 2018 and those of you that remember the band “Buried Dreams” and how awesome they were should like the band Tulkas as well. The vocals are of a similar, rough and harsh nature even thought this is not melodic death metal.

The song called Traitor ends this album and it is about what happens when the war machine and the military industrial complex takes shape as soldiers are expected to serve for their country and disloyalty is not allowed. What is the ultimate truth that this song speaks of? The song has an interesting mix or hybrid of acoustic and electric guitars. Have these musicians learned from some of their North American counterparts?

The first song called “Blood Will Run” is a politics based song that actually has the message that people as a result of their action create the corruption that they themselves breed. They spread disease and make society bleed. The Haunted band kind of influence is especially evident in this song for those of you that can listen carefully enough. It has an interesting bass line to complement the heaviness. “Hate” is actually a song that once again, the message is that some people refuse to believe the masterplan that’s set out for them. The lies that life is supposed to be a long, hard slog just is not believable for some of us and like the song says no one is free until they choose to be and that is freedom from suffering.

First rating for the album Take the World: 80 out of 100 points (B)

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