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Review of the Album "Systematic Annihilation" by Stormthrash a Thrash Metal Band from Caracas Venezuela

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Venezuela may be one of the last places in the world where most people would think that there would be thrash metal but there is. Introducing Caracas Venezuela based Stormthrash, their 2018 album Systematic Annihilation. it is an album with influences by Testament as well as The Haunted along with Erick Olguin style vocals and thus you get what Stormthrash sounds like. The only real con that I can see with the album is the less than stellar lyrical content.

About the Songs In Stormthrash's Debut Album

The album starts off in most brilliant fashion with the beautiful instrumental song “Incipiens ad Finem” influenced by The New Order era Testament. It is really easy to spot this because of the dual and exotic guitar sound. The album is very anger filled but there is much melody to be heard. Lyrically, the album brings to our attention that there is hatred and manipulation in the world. Lyrically, the album also questions what GOD did in order to cause all of the suffering for mankind. Some of us may feel that we have been betrayed by our higher power. “The Art of Destruction” has one of the best solo melodic sections that most guitar players will hear. Stylistically it is really neoclassical based. “Life of Suffering” is a song that lyrically discusses some of the most negative feelings to strike a human such as lies, frustration, and deception. Sometimes we fee that we have lost hope and that there is nowhere to go. “Kingdom of Chaos” is a song that lyrically is about a soldier entering the battlefield and he sees his other comrades fall to their deaths. He must be brave enough to stand up and fight for his country. The title track is very much influenced to a large degree by later Testament albums such Low or The Dark Roots of Earth. The song lyrically tells us to wake up and stop being brainwashed by the lies that we hear on TV. “The End is Imminent” is a song that lyrically addresses the fact that every day, a person dies and that is one of the consequences of our human experience. The song also suggests that we must show love even in hard times.

Final Thoughts

Looking at this debut from these Venezuelans, you could call this a storm of thrash metal riffs that are really solid. The other thing that comes to mind is that it is a really good thing that we now have a vocalist that can sort of carry on the vocal legacy of Erick Olguin since Buried Dreams is a band that is no longer active. Stormthrash is a band that is trying to vent its frustration out on the world through the power of their music and it is an experiment that mostly works. Is there really a GOD when there is so much pain and suffering in the world? Some people would ask that question and we cannot blame them. The song “Life of Suffering” has a narration part in which we are told that people are motivated by their own greed. All things considered, this is a promising debut from a ban that is from a country that is full of corruption and economic difficulties.

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