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Review of the Album "Symbol of Life" by British Band Paradise Lost

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Introducing What May be Paradise Lost's Best Album at Least of the Early 2000's

Paradise Lost is one of those bands in the music business that has changed their style yet they still manage to create music that has introspective lyrics, catchy songs and solid vocals regardless of whether they are death metal growls or solid clean vocals. Paradise Lost’s 2002 studio album called Symbol of Life may be their strongest album that I have heard to this point.

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About the Album Symbol of Life

The song called "Erased" is a song about someone that does not recall what happened in his life or who he owes money to because his entire memory has been erased. Paradise Lost is an example of a band that has represented their home country in such impressive fashion that describing this in words is hard to do. "Pray Nightfall" is a song about someone trying to synchronize as the sun shines on his head. The UK is an awesome country for heavy metal of all kinds and Paradise Lost just adds further to this greatness. "Primal" is a song that describes the life cycle and that even if we have pride that pride will disappear someday as we will all pass from this Earth. Pride, arrogance, and any other feelings we might have will die with us when we die. The super catchy song "Perfect Mask" is a song about living in this sort of perfect mask where we can now finally live life the way that we desire to. The song called No Celebration is a song about a person that has become so disillusioned that he has no willingness to celebrate in the New Year whenever it comes even though he can meet people somewhere. I will celebrate the great success of Paradise Lost as I write this and it looks like Symbol of Life is the best album by this band because the songs are just so consistently well written.


"Self Obsessed"

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Symbol of Life is a Flawless Album

There are very few albums that I give a score of 100 points to but Symbol of Lifeis one of those albums. This is one of those albums that some of us would be delighted to sing along with. Nick Homes has that very good English accent and even when he was using those death metal growls back in 1991, I could still tell that he is British. In life, the search for the truth is very important as the song Perfect Mask tries to imply. There is no other good way other than the journey to the truth. Mystify is another standout song on this album and this one is about the fact that sometimes even a simple lie has the potential to bring someone down. We should not mystify others with love that is not genuine but we should give true love instead. If there is a way to describe the album Symbol of Life without using the same kinds of words well then we can say that this is a flawless victory by the UK’s Paradise Lost.

This album can be considered a musical victory for the UK’s Paradise Lost. Although their earlier albums were heavier and those are good, this album is on another level. Symbol of Life is also the last album to have Lee Morris playing the drums but the album itself is an example of how to play Gothic rock that is able to maintain enough of a catchy musical atmosphere.


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