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Review of the Album "Survive or Die" by the One Man Death and Thrash Metal Band Rising Regime

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Rising Regime Used to Be a One Person Band

Rising Regime, a death and thrash metal band from Greenville, South Carolina used to be a one man band because for their debut album Survive or Die there was only one person playing all of the instruments. That person is Darrell Ritsick. It is rather remarkable that the metal genre has found its way to Greenville, South Carolina but it goes to show that thrash metal continues to expand worldwide and it has become a sort of musical phenomenon.

The Musical Style of Rising Regime

Musically, it is feasible to suggest that the album is a death and thrash metal hybrid. To a certain degree, you may think that it sounds a little like Ensiferum. It is an album with harsh vocals that sound like the lower death metal type. Rising Regime is a band that shows that there is still thrash metal in the United States although some fans of the genre may not be aware of some of these bands. The vocals could certainly be better though.

"The End's Begun"

About the Songs In "Survive or Die"

The first song “Zombified” sounds like a title that Cannibal Corpse would have come up with. The song is lyrically about surviving or not with an emphasis on horror style lyrics if that makes any sense. It also partially feels like a groove metal tune similar to Mental Care Foundation. Though it might have been better if the song had been titled something like “Mummified” so in that case, the song most likely would have been about mummies or something like that. I guess the band wanted to make things more interesting and not as obvious. “Sewer Slaves” is a song that ups the melody a notch and it may actually sound like the band Kreator. Yes, here we go again with another metal band that may be influenced by those German greats. “The Swing of the Pendulum” is lyrically about having to deal with facing persecution from within. There is a middle section of the song that kind of sounds like Iron Maiden. “Rebuild” starts with a sort of interesting drum part as the melody kicks in. The song is about making your voice heard from the depths of far below. I think we understand what the band is referring to here. “Toxic Blameshifter” has a chorus that repeats itself quite often as the song is lyrically about a world in which annihilation is near. The mid-section is a more modern version of System of a Down as part of the chorus repeats itself. Normally, such a thing that repeats could be considered a weakness but that’s not the case for this band as the song ends with a short laugh. The album ends with “The End’s Begun” which lyrically is about a person that is focused on a sort of human extinguishing to put it more mildly. Lyrically, Rising Regime could have done a better job. The bass guitar is overall, a pretty good complement for the riffs in this album. You have over 35 minutes of some pretty darn good death and thrash metal from the United States.

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