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Review of the Album Suomi Finland Devil by Finnish Black Metal Band Impaled Nazarene Released in 1994

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What Is So Special About the Album Suomi Finland Devil?

Suomi Finland Devil is the 1994 studio album by Finnish black metal band called Impaled Nazarene. They have been around since 1990 but their only album that I have heard is this one and it is pretty darn good! The album has 11 songs for only about 30 minutes long so it will be over fast. The question many of you may be asking is why is it even worth it to listen to a black metal album that is only 30 minutes? What about the replay value? Well I am here to tell you that in my music listening life of over 29 years I have plenty of experience to detect which albums are worth it and this one is one of them. Note: the title of this album has been slightly modified because part of the title is a word that I chose not to use for the purposes of this review and analysis. The last word of the album's title translates to the word devil in English.

What is the Most Memorable Moment In This Album?

Blood is Thicker Than Water is a slower but VERY catchy song about a man that has to deal with losing the love of his life as her body turns up on the shore. He cannot deal with the fact that his lover is dead so on the blackness of night, he turns the gun on himself. The album prides itself on speed and fast as heck drumming as Mika Luttinen provides a black metal kind of yell in the song called Steelvagina. When our heart burns so badly for love, sometimes we will lose it unexpectedly.

"Blood is Thicker Than Water"

How is the Rest of the Album?

Total War-Winter War has the nationalistic style drumming as the people are preparing for a war as the lyrics of the song are saying and there is this chant that seems to go on forever. The song sets the background for November 1939 as World War 2 was going on in Europe at the time and Russia suffered especially heavy losses. Quasb-The Burning sounds like early 1990’s Hypocrisy. Then the music really can feel like a party atmosphere as the song called Let’s F****** Die is a song about a person that has a drug addiction as he thinks that life is like hell and not really worth living anyway. Ghettoblaster is a song about the effects of urban warfare on mankind. This very good black metal album ends with the solid song The Oath of the Goat. The song brings reference to Satanism as the person is gathering enough power so he can use his forces to get rid of his opposition. Overall Suomi Finland Devil is a very solid album that has both Finnish language and English language songs and it is a fast, thundering, entertaining black metal album.

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