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Review of the Album "Stillborn" by Malevolent Creation the Last Album Prior to Brett Hoffman’s First Departure

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A photo showing the full moon and stillness at nighttime. It is even possible to listen to the album Stillborn at night.

A photo showing the full moon and stillness at nighttime. It is even possible to listen to the album Stillborn at night.

Basic Details About the Album Stillborn

Genre: death metal with a touch of grindcore based guitars and drumming

Label that the album was signed to at the time: Roadrunner Records

Members that performed on the album Stillborn:

Brett Hoffman: lead vocals (1967-2018)

Phil Fasciana: guitars

Jon Rubin: guitars

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Jason Blachowicz: bass guitars

Alex Marquez: drums

An in-Depth Look at the Musical Style of the Album Stillborn

Stillborn is more than just the 1993 studio album by Malevolent Creation but it also happens to be the last studio album prior to the departure of the late Brett Hoffman. The album is described as having very murky production and having a really raw sound quality to it. And then, another noticeable quality about Stillborn is that it sounds stylistically like the album Covenantby Morbid Angel so there’s that factor mixed in. Then there is the fact that Hoffman really experiments with his voice at the end of the song “Dominion of Terror.” The album even further has that raw feel in the song “Geared for Gain” as there is that Napalm Death influence that we would begin to witness around 1992. “Stillborn” the title track in the first section of the song has a riffing style that reminds me of Sepultura. The album also has that sound quality and style that you will hear on other death metal albums of this time period including Human which was released just two years prior to this one.

"Dominated Resurgency" is the first song of this album and it shows Brett’s vocal range and prowess as a death metal vocalist. Stillborn is an album that sounds raw but not raw in the sense that 1980s metal albums sounded. Brett Hoffman had a vocal range that Chris Barnes may have been proud of had he heard him sing.

The Significance of the Album Title of Stillborn

There are some albums in which their title has some other special significance of meaning. Stillborn refers to an infant that has been born dead. It can also refer to a plan or a proposal having been unrealized. So, in a broader sense, if a baby is still and not moving, then it has no life. Water that doesn’t move is also considered still as well.


But as for Malevolent Creation, by this time in their career, they had put out three albums, gotten a guest performance on a song from James Murphy and even had Rob Barrett as a member contributing on guitar. I’d say that this was a solid way for this band to begin their career.

Through several listens and analysis of Malevolent Creation’s discography (the first three albums as well as Warkult), it is reasonable to have the perspective that these guys beat Obituary in the musical category. This is not to suggest that Obituary is a bad band. However, I just tend to prefer the musicality and style of Malevolent Creation. The only thing that is kind of outrageous about this 3rd release is the album’s cover which is a bit over the top.

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