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Review of the Album "State of Euphoria" by Anthrax

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The First Song "Be All, End All" May Resonate With Some Fans

State of Euphoria is the 4th studio album by New York thrash metal band Anthrax released in 1988 and there is one line in the first song “Be All, End All” that resonates with me and it may resonate with some you as well. That line is “life’s not unfair, life’s just life.” Fair and unfair are just labels that many of us put on the concept of life on Earth for humans. However, the song begins in a most unusual way as there is a violin sounding part to begin this album but that does not detract from the song much if at all. The song is also trying to tell us that it is time to “wake up” and live our dreams.

"State of Euphoria" Is An Album With Socially Aware Lyrics

Songs such as “Make Me Laugh” criticize televangelism and that’s the most basic way to describe this one without diving into the details about whom this song is actually criticizing. “Who Cares Wins” is another influential song in this album. The song describes the plight and situation of the homeless population. When you live in a box or on the street it seems that no one even knows who you are. It is described as living in hell. Some people are oblivious to the situation and claim not to see what is going on. Anthrax brings the subject up for thought and analysis. It is still staggering to the imagination how a wealthy nation such as the United States can have such a bad homeless problem. The song lyrically is bringing the message that we have to open up our eyes to this massive issue. State of Euphoria is an album that describes a few major social issues confronting the US at the time, both of which have already been mentioned in this analysis.

State of Euphoria Is a Better Album Than Was Given Credit for

The reception for this album was lukewarm at best upon its release but what you are about to read is the opposite of what most critics of the album said about it. It could be perhaps that State of Euphoria isn’t thrash metal enough to suit the tastes of some fans. It could also be that Anthrax was facing competition from other bands of the time period. The vocals are pretty melodic though so that is a plus. Most of all, State of Euphoria is a thrash metal album that has no over the top rage filled vocals like Pantera did. You can perform thrash metal in a way that is well structured and melodic without overdoing it and that’s what Anthrax accomplished with this album.


“Schism” has a lyrical line that should be memorable for those of us living in the United States. That line is “a house divided can’t stand.” The song is an anti-racist song, as it tries to bring across the message that prejudice isn’t inherited that it is something that is taught in some families.

"Who Cares Wins"

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