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Review of the Album "Sodomy in the Convent" by Portuguese Thrash Metal Band Angriff

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About the Band Angriff and the Album Sodomy in the Convent

Angriff is a two member thrash metal band from Portugal and the band’s name translates to the English word meaning attack and Angriff is a German word. Some of you may be wondering where this writer discovered about these guys. The discovery was made by viewing the New Wave of Old School Thrash Metal channel on YouTube. Technology does have its benefits and because of it, Angriff was able to get the word out about their music. Angriff is by no means a newcomer to the scene, going back as far as 1997. The band was active from 1997 until 2012 but then disbanded. The band was resurrected eight years later in 2020 and Sodomy in the Convent is considered to be the best album of this band’s career. The band’s name even fits the style of the album because we might as well say that the album contains angry riffs as well. What we hear on this album is an album that thrashes musically from start to finish with no real slow down moments. The style is described to be in the Teutonic thrash metal style and they are correct about this categorization. The riffing and style is similar to bands such as Holy Moses.

About the Songs in the Album Sodomy in the Convent

Even though this album is a modern release of thrash metal, songs such as “No Saviours No Gods” have that 1980s style thrash metal sound and lead guitar work to it. The song is basically a criticism of religion in general as the song says that there are no gods and that there is no one that is above anybody else. Chris Holmes formerly of the band W.A.S.P. plays a guest solo in this song. Those of you that are devout Christians may object to some of the lyrics in this album so keep that in mind. Sodomy in the Convent is described as an album that is a “manifesto against religious fanaticism.” Musically, the album sounds like a pleasant combination of both Holy Moses and Tankard influenced thrash metal. The best thing about the album though is that it is thrash metal that is pleasing and not music that will overwhelm your senses. In other words, the songs will not upset you or make you angry. “T.A.C.” or Thrash Against Christ lyrically is really a song that lyrically opposes any kind of religious book or ideology as the message against religion is really relentless in its intent. The album also has a very short instrumental song called “The Bishop” which is only a warm-up compared to what comes after that. “Baron of Doom” is also one of the better songs in this album as the chorus is the catchiest part of a song that builds up slowly to become one of the best songs of 2021. Sodomy in the Convent is an outstanding new thrash metal album from a band that is clearly trying to make up for lost time and they certainly deliver the musical goods on this one!

"The Bishop"

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