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Review of the Album "Sinister Forces of Hatred" by Finnish Thrash Metal Band Demonztrator

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A Band That Features the Return of Ex-Gandalf Vocalist Jari Hurskainen

Finland normally isn’t a country that is synonymous with thrash metal but here come newcomers Demonztrator featuring a gentleman that I never thought would make his return after we seemed to have heard nothing from him since the early 2000s. That person is vocalist Jari Hurskainen, best known for being the vocalist for the bands Gandalf and The Scourger.

These Finns Have an Album Full of Heavy and Hard-Hitting Thrash Metal

The second album from this Helsinki based thrash metal band has only been a part of this musical world since November 1, 2021. To describe this album as one that comes out of the gate and into your face is an understatement. The first song called “Murderlust” comes right at the listener in the style of mid 2000s Holy Moses and this one does not relent in its speedy approach. This shows that thrash metal certainly isn’t dead but that even Finland is a country that has reinvented itself to create one of the most brutal thrash metal albums of the year. The chorus of this song is just, well ferocious! The albums of this band are signed to Poland’s Ossuary Records and we have an album that from start to finish is thrash metal with some of the most brutal vocals you might hear. Though I must admit it was very tough to listen through this the first time around given the sheer brutality of the vocals and the guitar riffs. The album’s approach is that of music that is not for people that cannot handle it.


A Brief Analysis of the Band Demonztrator and the Songs On Their Second Studio Album

Finland’s Demonztrator has made a successful entrance into the thrash metal scene and they are heavier than Brainthrash. Then there are songs such as “Acid Remains” that sounds like Kreator and The Haunted. Jari has certainly made a major transition in his professional life switching from being in a death metal and rock and roll hybrid band to being in a band that delivers modern, riff punishing and head banging thrash metal. I am certainly familiar with 1980s thrash metal such as Airdash but that is just totally ancient compared to these guys. In spite of the band’s name, the lyrics do not focus on demons and devils. Lyrically, these guys focus on the fall of humanity but I think humanity is in an excellent position to keep thrash metal going well after some of us are no longer around to witness its evolution. Is this world polluted by insane people as the song “The Collapse” says? There is a bit of a deviation point in this album even if it is not much. That is present in the song “Into the Mouth of Madness” which has a progressive style acoustic section along with an extended heavier section.


Final Thoughts As of This First Analysis and Writing About the Album Sinister Forces of Hatred

Even as good as this album is, it certainly isn’t perfect by any means because some sections may end up being longer than they should be. The vocals certainly aren’t much different than we would have heard back in his days with Gandalf. Sinister Forces of Hatred is an album the represents the nation of Finland crossing the territory of musical experimentation and giving us something more melodic than we would have heard from Finnish thrash metal bands in the 1980s. This album represents a very good return by Jari Hurskainen into the Finnish musical scene and he takes part in a musical experiment that will make sure our eardrums get plenty of hard-hitting thrash metal.

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