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Review of the Album "Shine" by Austrian Power Metal Band Edenbridge

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Depending on the Album Version Shine Has a Bonus Track

Shine is the 2004 studio album by Austrian power metal band Edenbridge and listening to this you wonder whether the band is going to use this moment to shine musically. The Arabic influenced song called Move Along Home is certainly something different than we have seen from this band up to this point. There is a mid-section of the song that has power metal riffing combined with an exotic guitar part that resembles a section of the video game Rise of the Triad interestingly enough.

There are both European and Japanese versions of Shine with the European version having the song “On Sacred Ground” in which we see the vocals of Sabine saying that she feels like a person that was lost but she now feels like she has been found, and she is at a better place. Shine is a shining example of how power metal music can be if it is well written and structured.

Shine is a Musically Varied Power Metal Album

Even if Shine does not start off in the way in which Sunrise in Eden did with the excellent song Cheyenne Spirit, Shine starts off with the title track and the heavy guitars that definitely show that power metal influence and sometimes that’s good enough. Shine is one of those albums that actually is a better one to listen to instead of all the other heavier albums in different genres that are out there and this one is better to listen to if you need a moment to gather yourself and figure out where your life is going. On songs such as “The Canterville Ghost” as Sabine Edelsbacher sings “pray for me” you see that the song slowly builds up into a long power metal tune which has the guitar sound that we heard on Edenbridge’s first album. As the song builds up with heavy guitar and keyboards it sounds a little like late 1990s Skylark. The end of the song “Shine” features riffing and orchestration that Arcturus would have used back in the day in the early 2000s. Lanvall also known by his name of Arne Stockhammer also plays the bass and keyboards on this album in addition to taking care of the guitar playing duties. He and Sabine Edelsbacher have been the only two constant members in the history of Edenbridge since 1998 and they both work very well together. Perhaps one of the best vocal performances by Sabine is on the song “Centennial Legend” as this is a power ballad and she sings “The world outside is a dream.” To reiterate about her abilities, she may not have the same pathos or power as Tarja Turunen but she has this sort of soothing power in her voice that fans should appreciate and love. Yes, it certainly is doable to have a soothing vocal style that is also powerful. There is a beautiful keyboard section in the song “Wild Chase” that repeats a few times and it only adds to the quality of Shine to create a musically varied power metal album.

Edenbridge Has Potential to Carry On the Musical Legacy in Austria

“And the Road Goes On” continues in the exotic riff style of the album Shine and I think that the song may have been influenced by Iron Maiden’s Fear is the Key but the song is a slower, more exotic version and of course Sabine’s vocals are powerful and charming. We should all be grateful for the music of Edenbridge especially with the end of the career of Dreams of Sanity because there are still vocalists out there that are willing to carry on the sort of musical legacy in Austria.


What Was the Reception for the Album Shine?

The German edition of the heavy metal music magazine Metal Hammer gave the album Shine a 5 points out of 7 on their scale but of course when we look back on this album, the ratings will be based on a 100 point scale. The album was produced by American bassist Dennis Ward who of course is famous for his time spent in the German hard rock band Pink Cream 69. Sabine Edelsbacher may not convey the same kind of pathos in her vocal style as Tarja Turunen but she definitely is suited to sing ballad style songs and her voice is powerful enough for the symphonic metal style that we hear on Shine.

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About the Musical Style of the Album Shine

The style of the album Shine is described as being similar to Edguy, Stratovarius, and Masterplan. Let’s not forget that Shine is a more symphonic power metal style and there is less keyboard use compared to Stratovarius. Edguy is more hard power metal if you know what is meant by the term. Therefore, it is good enough to say that Shine is an album that has a mishmash of influences ranging from Iron Maiden, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, and to a lesser degree Stratovarius.

Full Length Albums of Edenbridge

Year ReleasedAlbum Title 


Sunrise in Eden











The Grand Design






The Bonding


The Great Momentum



Shine may be the most musically varied album in the career of Edenbridge to this point. The instrumental song Anthem with its guitar work only adds to this variety and there is good reason to think that even Yngwie J. Malmsteen would be proud of this if he ever heard it.

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