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Review of the Album "Serpent Chariot" by the One Man Black and Thrash Metal Band Golden Blood

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What is Golden Blood?

Golden Blood is a one man metal music project by Erech Leleth who relocated from Germany to Austria in 2018. He does the vocals, bass, guitars, and wrote all of the songs on the album Serpent Chariot. Performing the drums as a guest is Fabio Alessandrini of the thrash metal band Annihilator. Now, there’s already an international lineup of sorts for this album. However, it is more like a project as opposed to a traditional album because on a few of the tracks there are other people providing guest vocals.

Lyrical Themes of "Serpent Chariot"

Lyrically, this album is similar to bands such as Rhapsody of Fire, Skylark, and even Ensiferum to a degree. Yes, I know that lyrics about doing battle to impress the king of a certain land are themes that have been done countless times but it is very difficult for bands these days to be 100% original when it comes to writing lyrics.

Songwriting of "Serpent Chariot

We are reviewing and analyzing the 2021 album Serpent Chariot. Laura Guldemond of the band Burning Witches provides guest vocals on the song “For Blood & Glory.” That song starts out in a rather beautiful way combined with marching band style drums before it gets heavy. “Asmodean Rites” is a song that is lyrically about an army of humans that has been assembled in order to try to fight back against the threat of corruption in society. Looking at this album in a sort of analyzed way, isn’t it similar to the album Metal by Annihilator? In that sense it is because we have a few people doing guest vocals. But that’s where the similarity between that album and Serpent Chariot ends. This album has vocals that sound more like a death metal growl almost. As for the drumming in this album, it has this sort of thunderous beat kind of feel to it because it is so fast but it is not double bass drumming though. Upon further analysis of these vocals by Erech, they are harsh enough to be black metal style but I would say based on an educated guess, they sound more like rough death metal vocals almost. “The Savage Cult” is a song that has a really good middle section before the chorus as the vocals shift to clean vocals for a while. “Our Final Endeavor” has Jo Lombardo providing guest vocals. Based upon the way that this song is written it sounds more like a power metal sort of tune. “Grim Rider” is a mid-tempo song in which the main riff sounds a little like early Holy Moses. The song is about someone that rides on a horse and he has come to try and save a kingdom that has no king in it. However, he has also come to conquer other lands as he rides through the night. “Golden Throne of Saturnine Lust” is a song about a person or warrior that tells the tale of his experiences of going through the underground world, another name for hell. He went through the land of fire and brimstone to save the throne from its demise. Serpent Chariot is a decent and respectable one man metal project and should be a good listen for those that have an open mind.

"Golden Throne of Saturnine Lust"

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