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Review of the Album "Selfish" the Debut Solo Album by Pop Singer Atsuko Maeda

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The Type A Version CD Cover for Selfish


About the Album "Selfish" and the Different Versions of It

“Selfish” is the debut solo album by former member of AKB48 Atsuko Maeda! The former AKB48 beauty has even a solo career going now and that will add to her impressive resume of all the things that she has done in her more than 29 years on Earth. There are four types of versions for Selfish and I have the Type D version so each version’s track listing is slightly different depending upon the one that you have. “Selfish” was released on June 22, 2016.

Atsuko Maeda on the Cover of the Type D Version of Selfish


Selfish Songs List for the Type D Version

Track listing for the Type D Version of Selfish Note: as with my other reviews of non-English lyrical albums, there will be an attempt to list the song titles in English for easier readability purposes.

  1. Selfish
  2. Wayward Vacation
  3. Time Machine Nante Iranai
  4. Sunday Drive
  5. Seventh Chord
  6. Tsumetai Honoo (Cold Flame)
  7. Contact Lens
  8. Broken Signal
  9. I’m Free
  10. Nostalgic for the First Time
  11. Flower
  12. Resting Chin and Caffe Macchiato
  13. Kimi wa Boku Da (You are Me)
  14. Kaze no Accordion (Wind Accordion)
  15. Mikigata (Right Shoulder)

"Selfish" Represents the Sacrifice That Maeda Made to Make This Possible

The songs that I have already reviewed such as Seventh Chord will not be included here but what you will see is a review and analysis of an album released by a person that was the most popular member of girl group AKB48 during her tenure with the group. No wonder she graduated from the group in August 2012 at the age of 21! She more than likely wanted to have more freedom and flexibility to concentrate on her solo work, acting, and to get married and have a family. It requires a sacrifice and Maeda felt that it was time for her to move on from AKB48 to focus on these kinds of creative works.

In the Album Selfish the Song Sunday Drive Is One of the Most Memorable Songs

This review will not only be dedicated to the one and only Atsuko Maeda but it can also be dedicated to the ones we love outside of our immediate family. By the 4th song in this album called Sunday Drive, I see and feel that this is a special solo release and it is clear that Maeda wasn’t trying to write and create some kind of watered down, commercial pop music to get even more famous. Sunday Drive is a solid song that sounds like a more modern version of Ace of Base.

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Type C Cover Version of the Album Selfish


"Kimi Wa Boku Da" Instrumental Version

How Are the Rest of the Songs On the Album Selfish?

The song called Cold Flame is a solid, jazz style song with pop influences and by this point in the album if you aren’t impressed it is time to turn to another genre of music. I didn’t realize that I had bought the Type D version of the album Selfish until the night of June 5, 2019. But I am glad I did because this one contains another lively song called Wayward Vacation. Kimi Wa Boku Da or the song You Are Me has the potential to bring someone to tears because of its power. The album opens up with the title track Selfish and the song is about a relationship that did not work out because if the fact that the man in the relationship was acting very selfishly and putting on an act that made the woman get so sick and tired of him. She would rather not be bound by anyone and be lonely or live a free spirited life and do whatever she wants to do. Flower which is the first single released by Maeda lyrically is about a flower blossoming in the girl’s heart. This flower cannot blossom with the power of one person but she is glad that he has been by his side as the seasons have changed. It is summer as I compose this review and Atsuko’s birthday is on July 10th

True love can blossom if both people stay true to each other and support each other through good times and bad times. Kimi Wa Boku Da lyrically is about another love that developed first as a minus because the girl did not know that the guy was so shy. They quarreled a lot and resolved their differences eventually. She likes how he smiles without change even if he looks worried at any time. This is a love that has stood the test of time. Overall, Selfish is a very solid solo album by one of the finest celebrities in the history of J POP!

Thoughts On the Album Selfish In 2022

We are now well past the 5th anniversary of the release of Selfish and the question on the minds of some fans may be how has the album aged if at all? Five years is not that long of a time for any album but Selfish represents the first time in the career of Atsuko Maeda that she had the freedom and flexibility to do music outside of AKB48 and there are some darn good songs on here. Though I do sometimes find myself wanting to skip over the first track "Selfish" not just to get to song #2 but also Selfish has become somewhat too mainstream and the song is not one of the best to listen to at times.

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