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Review of the Album "School’s Out" by Alice Cooper Band

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About the Album School's Out and the Songs

School’s Out is the 1972 studio album by Alice Cooper band headed of course by the very famous hard rock singer that goes by his stage name of Alice Cooper. This is the 5thstudio album for this band and it was commercially very successful. Being a huge fan of this band and Alice Cooper in general may give you the urge to listen to this one. Musically it is more of a lighter weight kind of sound as opposed to the more contemporary hard rock style that you will hear in Alice Cooper’s later albums. This album came out just a little before some of us were even born but it stands out as one of those underrated albums because it is just so well written and entertaining. If you turn up your volume loud enough to listen to this studio release you might discover that the production on it was pretty decent for 1972 standards.

The album starts out with the title track “School’s Out” and the song lyrically may be mocking the fact that kids had to go to school and now that school is out for the summer, kids can enjoy themselves. Many of us remember when school got done for the summer and those of us that did not go to summer school could relax and have fun. The first instrumental song in this album called “Street Fight” is 55 seconds of bass guitar, crowd noise, and broken glass. “Blue Turk” has trombone playing in it as it has that jazzy sort of feel to it but it creates a pleasant atmosphere for your listening experience. In other words, this album is not like the album oriented rock that had more keyboards and a more symphonic feel to it. School’s Out is a simpler, lightweight kind of hard rock album if that makes any sense.

An Album That Musically Defined That Era

Listening to this album almost 50 years later I get the sense that this is an album that defined that era with the different production and more primitive sound if that makes any sense. This album is one of those older ones but it does not lack great musical quality at all. When the Alice Cooper band basically disbanded in 1975, Cooper himself would embark on a solo career.

School’s Out has that rock and roll kind of style and it has that early rock album kind of feel much like the early Black Sabbath albums had.

Comment About the Album Cover

As for the album cover for School’s Out it is most appropriate for the album’s title. You will more than likely notice that it has the initials of the band members that performed on the album at the time. The desk that was photographed for this album’s cover is said to be on display at the Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas.

Final Thoughts About the Album School's Out

This writer would say that School’s Out is an album that is sort of a rebellion against the status quo of the school system and even though the song “Alma Mater” is about a person that is old enough to leave school and transition into adulthood, he gets the sense that he will be missed for sure. He is happy though to be out of school for good. Lyrically the song “Public Animal #9” is a song that talks about a student that basically fooled around in school and he was waiting for recess time so that he could go outside and play.

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