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Review of the Album "Schizophrenia" by Sepultura

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Schizophrenia May Be An Album That Is Overlooked by Fans

Schizophrenia is the 2nd studio album by Sepultura and it was released at the end of 1987 in a sort of golden age for the heavy metal genre. The album has this noticeable raw sound along with some punk style influence in it as well that I’ve noticed. With all the attention that so many fans of Sepultura will give to albums such as Arise or Chaos A.D. Schizophrenia is one of those albums that may be left out of the discussion which would be doing this great band a disservice. For the time period in which Schizophrenia was written, it was written at just the right time for it to feel like it was in a good place. At the time in 1987, bands really had more of a raw sound and there was this emphasis on developing more of a punk sound for some bands. If an album like Arise had been released in 1987, it would have felt like it was out of place and it would not have fit in and conformed to the times.

Andreas Kisser Makes His Sepultura Debut In This Album

Schizophrenia is also the album that features the debut of guitarist Andreas Kisser and he might as well be one of the original members of Sepultura because he has been with the band since almost its earliest days. The vocals of Max Cavalera in Schizophrenia are a little rougher and harder to decipher with the raw, classic 1980s sound that the album has.

Is Schizophrenia Sepultura's Best Early Album?

One listen through the album Schizophrenia has me wondering whether this album may be the best one of the band’s early days. There are instrumental songs, a death metal and punk metal influence and good rough vocals by Max Cavalera. Two listens through Schizophrenia though and it is a little clearer as to why this one may be the best of the earlier releases with Max on vocals and guitar. As much praise as Arise gets, Schizophrenia is a more musically diverse album with two instrumental songs including the partially Metallica influenced song called “Inquisition Symphony.” The beginning of the song is progressive in nature as it sounds a little like what we would have heard on Ride the Lightning by Metallica. The song builds up into a repetitive riff structure. It then transitions rather nicely into a Sepultura song with a lot of lead guitar tapping. “The Abyss” is a short but great classically influenced instrumental song and now to finish things off with this review, we will also discuss and analyze another famous song called Troops of Doom.

Best Early Album of Sepultura

"Inquisition Symphony"

The bonus track “Troops of Doom” was recorded in August 1990 so that technically doesn’t count as being part of the album but regardless of that, Schizophrenia remains a classic early thrash and death metal release by Brazil’s best metal band. After the creepy sounding into which is only 33 seconds, then we are treated to the signature Sepultura style riffing that would be very famous a few years later in 1991. “From the Past Comes the Storms” has the noticeable Sepultura sound with the interludes as the song lyrically is about what can happen if there is too much human greed. Life becomes a huge storm of destruction and chaos as a result.

Final Thoughts About Schizophrenia

"Troops of Doom" has this creepy sort of start to it before it gets heavy with those guitars. Then the middle section riff is the most memorable and this is what Sepultura became known for in the early 1990s before Max’s departure and this is the style most appealing to Sepultura fans. Overall, Schizophrenia is the best early Sepultura release as it has both heavy parts, classically influenced parts and riffing that fits very well with what Sepultura was trying to do.

"The Abyss"

"Troops of Doom"

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