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Review of the Album "Sacrament" by American Metal Band Lamb of God

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Band Personnel for the Album Sacrament and other basic details

Randy Blythe: vocals

Willie Adler: guitars

John Campbell: bass guitars

Chris Adler: drums

Mark Morton: guitars

Style: groovy metalcore/groove thrash metal

Formed in: Richmond, Virginia first under the name of Burn the Priest in 1994 before becoming Lamb of God since 1999

Rating: 78 out of 100 points for a C grade

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A Quick Comment About the Album Sacrament

Sacrament is the 4th studio album by American metal band Lamb of God released in 2006 and it is the one following Ashes of the Wake. Lamb of God is one of the newer American metal bands that have come onto the scene and they are signed to Nuclear Blast Records which a pretty big accomplishment is considering that it takes material that is really impressive in order to be noticed by these major record labels. However for the album Sacrament, Lamb of God was under contract with Epic Records. Ashes of the Wake is the Lamb of God album I ever heard first before Sacrament. If that one is good how does Sacrament compare to that one?

Sacrament Led Lamb of God to Experience Commercial Success

It is in this album that vocalist Randy Blythe does sound a bit like Phil Anselmo. I guess someone had to assume the role of continuing the extreme metal tradition after the retirement of Pantera and Lamb of God may be the band to have done that. In fact, Sacrament is one of those albums that received a good amount of commercial success. The album debuted at #8 on the Billboard 200 music charts and Sacrament sold 63,000 copies in its first week of release. Sacrament went on to become the top-selling heavy metal album of 2006 and also got the Album of the Year Award from Revolver Magazine.

A Little Bit of Analysis About the Vocals

That kind of recognition for Sacrament is rather high given the fact that musically it is not good enough to get an Album of the Year Award. Nevertheless, what we hear on this album is decent groove metal resembling at least a touch of Derrick Green era Sepultura but the vocals are more rough in nature instead of what Derrick Green would do using more raspy groove metal vocals.


Sacrament is an Album That Does Have Melody in it

The riffing is pretty respectable and there is some melody especially in the opening song called “Walk With Me in Hell.” The song is indicative of the journey that we take throughout life as there is both pain and pleasure in this Earthly existence. In a sense, we are never alone because our journey is interconnected with others.


Sacrament is Still a Decent Album

Groove metal is good to a point and while the riffs and songs try to be creative, I get the sense that at some points in the songs, there is this lack of that extra musical sort of creativity shall we say that gives you that “wow” kind of moment.

In spite of that, Sacrament is by no means a bad album. “Pathetic” is a song that is influenced by The Great Southern Trendkill era Pantera because you can tell by the lead guitar work and the slow to mid-tempo riffing as well as the vocals. In spite of the song title, this is not a pathetically written song.

"Foot to the Throat"

Final Thoughts About the Album Sacrament

Lamb of God carries the tradition of being not just another American Southern band to be signed to a major record label but they also continue the tradition of being another metal band from the American South to continue putting out groove metal songs. “Redneck” is a heavy song that has Randy Blythe sounding like a combination of Chuck Billy and Henrik Klingenberg when it comes to his vocal approach. However, if there is a musical weakness to the album Sacrament, it is the fact that the style consists of the same style of riffs that sort of grind and chug along with Randy’s rough vocals. Metalcore and heavy groove metal is one of the hardest sub-genres to really get used to if there is not enough melody to make up for all the heaviness in the songs. The strongest songs in the album Sacrament as of this moment are the first four songs including “Walk With Me in Hell” and “We Will Rise.”

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