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Review of the Album "Roorback" by Brazilian Heavy Metal Band Sepultura

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Sepultura's Album Roorback Was Thought to Be the Weakest Album by Them But Not Anymore

Brazilian heavy metal band Sepultura encountered their weakest moment musically with their 2001 album called Nation. In 2003, they released the album called Roorback (what an ironic name for a studio album). The lyrics are said to be about the difficulties and decline that the world is facing.


The First Two Songs "Come Back Alive" and "Godless" Are an Indication of the Album's Style and Lyrical Themes

The first song called "Come Back Alive" is about what happens when a soldier is sent off to fight a war for his country. They are taught to spot who the enemy is and then to target those foes. The goal is to succeed for your country and to come back alive. Sadly, many soldiers lose their lives in wars that should never be fought. The next song called "Godless" expands upon the lyrical theme in the first song. There are many countries in the world in which there is election fraud and freedom is denied to those citizens. As human beings have to deal with their mortality, the world is seen as godless.

The Riffs Were Flat and Largely Uninspiring After the First Full Listen

The problem that I saw even with this album after the first full listen is that the riffs are too flat and there really isn’t that inspiring feel that the Sepultura albums had with Max Cavalera. However, I must mention that in some cases, it can take several listens of an album and then later on we might enjoy an album that we did not really like previously. One example of this is the way I felt about the album St. Anger. I really did not like that album but it took several listens over a period of many years for me to finally see the musical creativity on that album. Roorback does not have that “wow” kind of factor as Arise did however, it is not as bad of an album as I had once thought.

"Come Back Alive"

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Roorback Is a Better Album Now in 2019 and Beyond

However, with the song called "As It Is," the song is a little better than the first six ones. Whatever we see and hear in the world, we have to accept certain things as they are, not how we wish they were or how we would want them to be. With the song "Leech" we hear a decent punk style song about a person that is a kind of blood sucker making other people’s lives more miserable. As the song tries to point out, what is wrong with this person? "Bottomed Out" is a song about someone that has been tormented by an angry, bitter person and he won’t allow that person to bring him down. We should distance ourselves from bitter and negative people if we want to live a better life. The world seems like it is a twisted place because of all the negativity that is going on and this is one of the saddest things about human nature.

"As It Is"

Final Thoughts About Sepultura's Roorback

Overall, Roorback was slightly better than the album Nation at the first listen. At this point, the death metal structure that fans had become accustomed to during the early to mid-1990s is gone in favor of a more groovy thrash metal style and some fans will find this really hard to deal with. Let’s look at a positive aspect of this release and one of those aspects is that the album still managed to get placed on Billboard’s Independent Music Chart ranking at #17. Yes, this album does not have some of the creative kinds of solos that we heard on albums such as Arise but all is not bad on this album. For fans of groovy thrash and groove metal in general, Roorback will definitely be their cup of tea in terms of albums to listen to.

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